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Trademart Announces Partnership with Compaq on ActiveKiosk

April 17, 2000

CHICAGO, IL - Trademart™ Technologies Inc. announced today that it will partner with Compaq® Computer Corporation to supply its TaskCenter™ software product as a part of the ActiveKiosk solution for retailers.

TaskCenter is a component-based desktop management solution featuring browser control, operating system lockdown and a smart container. "TaskCenter affords Compaq's customers tremendous flexibility and control over their kiosk environments," according to Jim Newton, NA Enterprise Technical Solutions Manager.

TaskCenter makes it easy to preserve your corporate brand and image in your kiosk interfaces as well as ensure the security of the devices to make them tamper-proof. "We are pleased to be a part of the ActiveKiosk initiative and look forward to bringing quality kiosk solutions to Compaq's customers," says Dave Campbell, V.P. Professional Services at Trademart.

You can view the TaskCenter software in Compaq's booth (#1634) at the Retail Systems 2000 show.

For more information on TaskCenter, contact Dave Campbell at 519-672-0251 or visit the Trademart web site at www.Trademartgroup.com.


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