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Internet Kiosk Browser Software SiteKiosk 3.0 released! Free evaluation copy

SiteKiosk 3.0 Ready for Downloading

As of today, you can download a free evaluation copy of SiteKiosk 3.0
English Version for Win95/98/NT at http://www.sitekiosk.com.
Version 3.0 has the following improvements over Version 2.55:

- Optional automatic daily PC shutdown
- Optional automatic daily PC reboot
- E-mail checking via WWW-Gateway
- Support for multiple browser windows (new browser window)
   Just try surfing of multiple browser windows with other so called secure
Kiosk browsers....
- Taskbar to navigate browser windows
- Improved help section
- Interception of system critical keystrokes under Windows NT
- SiteKiosk runs fine with the new Internet Explorer 5.0
- Optimized print functions
- and many more improvements

SiteKiosk lets you turn any computer into a secure Internet terminal,
allowing the user to access the Internet but protecting the underlying
operating system and files. Possible uses include presentations,
exhibitions, libraries, and more. SiteKiosk works with normal displays and
Touchscreens. A keyboard doesn't even have to be attached -- text can be
entered via a keypad with a mouse. Plentiful options let you decide the
amount of security your kiosk needs, from hard-disk protection to
prohibiting specific Websites. The program can be used with either a direct
network connection or Dial-Up Networking, providing Internet access "on
demand." SiteKiosk uses Internet Explorer as its basis but presents a much
simplified interface that even the novice user will understand.
Please inform yourself at http://www.sitekiosk.com . Thank you!


- SiteKiosk Developer Team -

English:  http://www.sitekiosk.com
German: http://www.sitekiosk.de
Email:     [email protected]

Company Address:
ProVisio GmbH
Division SiteKiosk
Mendelstr. 11
48149 Muenster
Fon: +49 251 9802147
Fax: +49 251 9802145
Web:   http://www.provisio.de
Email: [email protected]

Thanks Kinetic!

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