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KioskCom is proud to present KioskCom Australia, June 21-22, 2000, in Sydney.

Australia is to host the first ever KioskCom event in the Asia Pacific region. Sydney has been selected as the host city on the 21 - 22 June, 2000 and brings the high standards of an international KioskCom event, localised for the region.

As the new economy raises the ability to deliver products and services with speed and efficiency, interactive kiosks are quickly being utilised by pioneering organisations as a flexible channel to capture further market share and deliver timeless customer service.

The region has seen the public and private sector adopt a cautious start with kiosk strategies, however results driven organisations have begun the integration of kiosks into marketing and service delivery models with striking results. KioskCom Australia will explore the issues and challenges that Government and industry face to implement, integrate and improve a kiosk strategy. It will bring together both international and local expertise to define and refine cost and result driven strategies from leaders such as Motorola, Department of Employment, Work Relations and Small Business (DEWRSB), Centrelink and NCR Australia.

Capitalise on this opportunity to hear state-of-the-art presentations and case studies and meet with the industry's leading vendors and providers. KioskCom has been consistently sold out in the United States, Canada and Europe - KioskCom Australia will be no different.

To secure your place call + 612 9223 2600 or register online at www.kioskcom.com.

If you have any questions, please forward them to us at [email protected].

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