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Issue #215                         May 7, 2001

Offering news and tips concerning the Public Internet 
Industry.  Each month we will bring you the latest information on 
what's hot and what's not when it comes to offering Internet Access
to the public.  Please feel free to contact us with any information
or feedback you may wish to contribute (yes, we will be publishing 
contributing articles).  We look forward to hearing from you!


The Public Internet Access Business has never been
better.  A lot of factors are converging right now
to provide a very profitable picture to those who
are taking advantage of this opportunity.

I'll explain all the juicy details...

You see, at the heart of the business is the 
Personal Computer.  The good old IBM Compatible
has evolved through the years, but the core remains
the same - a high tech calculator.

The major strides have been made in the ability
to get our PCs to communicate with one other, leading 
to the creation of the Internet and the foundation
of this wonderful business model.

Both the PCs and the means of connecting to the
Internet are improving daily.  PC Equipment is selling 
at the lowest prices in years.  One look at the stock prices of
the big 3 PC Makers will tell you that sales have been
bleak.  This translates into lower costs across the board.

Have you checked out memory prices lately?

When was the last time you can recall picking up 256MB
of RAM for $70? AMAZING!  How about a 40GB Hard Drive
for under $100...deals like these are all over the Internet
and they translate into fatter profits when you
charge by the minute for Internet Access.

I can fill pages with all of the deals to be found
on PC Equipment, but I would like to summarize 
all of the benefits today's market conditions provide
to our business model:


As mentioned above, the fantastic pricing on PC systems,
memory and components is creating a very compelling ROI
for Public Internet Terminals.  We have found that using 128MB
or more of RAM in our terminals has greatly increased
the speed and stability of the system, and at todayís prices,
the cost is paid by the terminal in a matter of days, not weeks.

One excellent site for obtaining great deals on systems and
peripherals is Wholesale Auction:

Unlike other "wholesale" sites, these guys are the real deal.
The pricing is very competitive and while there are a good
deal of bidders on the site, prices donít get out of control.

It certainly pays to buy in quantity, as you save on shipping,
and it adds incentive for you to place more terminals quickly!

I highly recommend them.


Where would we be without our Internet Connections?

DSL and Cable are experiencing some growing pains, no
doubt, but the demand is exploding.

Broadband demand is pushing the phone companies and
ISPs to expand their offerings and their coverage areas.
This translates into better availability for high speed 
solutions.  This demand is creating price increases
in these services, but not significant ($5-$15) enough
to deter their effectiveness in a Public Access Environment.

Even remote areas can provide high speed solutions,
thanks to Starband.  Starband is the new kid on the
broadband block, and they are boasting downloads speeds 
of up to 500 kbps. StarBand's current upload speeds range 
between 40 and 60 kbps.  They claim "...if you can see
the southern sky, you can get Starband..."

Although not cheap by any means...the right location can 
certainly absorb the cost (about $70 month, $600 installation).

For more info, check them out online:

Let's not forget about good ol' dial-up!

The sheer number of dial-up servers can almost guarantee
the existence of a local dial-up number for your connection.
The speed is definitely an issue, but the majority of
Public Internet Terminal Users are checking their email, and
speed is not a major factor.  The price can't be beat - $12 to
$20 for unlimited usage.

To get a better idea of how these connection costs
affect your bottom line, I invite you to check out
the Profit Analyzer at:

I think you'll like what you see!


Despite the deluge of Dot-Com Obituaries,  the
Internet is alive and kicking.

People are more dependent than ever on the Internet
for services like email, instant messaging and up-to-the-minute

Many people use the Internet for Entertainment. 
Online gaming is increasing in popularity as this
level of interaction adds a whole new dimension
to the basic video game.

Web sites are beginning to look more like PC Applications
and less like advertising billboards.  A lot of the 
more annoying sites have gone belly-up and cleared the
landscape for a much more efficient online experience.

All good news for the Public Internet Vending business!


The Free ISPs have struggled from day one,
proving that the advertising revenue model
was not all it was cracked up to be!

This is more good news, as customers are
now more understanding when it comes to paying
for Internet Access, at home or on a Public


It used to be that summertime meant everyone
shuts off their PC and goes outside...


Although usage definitely slows down as the weather
heats up, vacationers often find themselves stranded
in some vacation resort without a wire in sight (How horrible!)

Let's face it, although we all need to get away, the
itch to check your email is always present.  One day away
from email is not so bad, but days 2-4 are rough.
Around day 6, withdrawal symptoms kick in...itchy mouse fingers,
dry mouth, etc.

My point is, a Public Internet Terminal strategically placed at
vacation resorts from May - October can produce exceptional
profits by serving up email to the guests.

For all of those interested in starting your own Public
Internet Vending Business, now is an excellent time to
get started.  Feel free to use the site as a resource, and
I'd be happy to hear from you with any questions or comments
you may have.

I read a quote last week in a book about Stock Trading,
and I think it applies in just about everything we do:

"...If you don't bet, you can't win.  If you lose all
your chips, you can't bet!"

It's all about risk and reward, and I think the ratio
in this business is exceptional.



I have three kiosk cabinets in excellent condition
trying to find a new home.  They were originally
set up for touchscreen monitors, but they can be
easily modified for keyboard and touchpad additions.
They're about 5' tall, with a 3' square base.  

View photo at:

They are currently located in Upstate, New York.
Each Kiosk weighs around 124-150lbs.  
For more information, please contact [email protected]


Thank you for your time, and best of luck to all of you.


Ben Mannino
Media 1 Incorporated
[email protected]

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