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Siemens Computer Systems extends SCENIC Professional PC range with launch of
new smartcard Security PCs

 New SICRYPT-based Security PCs set new standards in corporate PC security
 Powerful smartcard-based access control and encryption from just 995

Siemens Computer Systems, Europe's leading computer company, has extended
its SCENIC Professional PC range with the addition of six new Security PC
systems that set new standards in corporate PC security. The new Siemens
Security PCs are based on the company's recently-launched SCENIC 600 and
SCENIC 800 Professional PC systems and feature the company's SICRYPT
smartcard-based security to provide the industry's most comprehensive
fully-integrated access control and file encryption solution. The new SCENIC
Security PCs are available from 995.

Six new Siemens Security PCs are available - four SCENIC 600 desktop models
and two SCENIC 800 minitower systems. All models feature 64 MB of main
memory, Windows NT, on-board LAN, 15" monitors, SICRYPT smartcards and
SmartGuard security software. A range of different 
processors is available, including Intel's 433 MHz Celeron, 400 MHz Pentium
II and 450 and 500 MHz Pentium III. Prices range from 995 to 1,545
depending on model and configuration. The new Siemens Security PCs combine
industry-leading security with a range of technology innovations, including
the revolutionary PISA (PCI/ISA Shared Angle) slot, a new motherboard which
introduces 'save to onboard RAM', and a new  Air Tunnel design for internal
cooling without additional processor fans, which also reduces noise emissions. 

Unrivalled PC system security
With its combination of mechanical protection and hardware and
software-based smartcard security, the Siemens SCENIC 600 and 800 Security
PCs offer unrivalled PC system security, and feature SICRYPT smartcards to
support a wide range of PC-based applications including PC access
protection, electronic purse, e-commerce on the Internet, e-banking, secure
online services, secure teleworking, digital signature, healthcare,
electronic ticketing, building access, time recording and secure Intranet
and Internet access. 

Mechanical security features include a physical case lock, lockable sliding
cover, intrusion alert, anti-theft and sealing, and temporary keyboards and
mouse locks. Now with full SICRYPT SmartGuard security, Siemens Computer
Systems has added a three-tier security portfolio that lets organisations
assign precisely the correct level of security to individual desktop
systems. SICRYPT provides the following functionality:

 Siemens SICRYPT SmartGuard 1.0 - basis security and access control, secure
PC logon, pre-boot authentication in system BIOS, for Windows NT 4.0 Workstation
 Siemens SICRYPT SmartGuard easy 1.0 - access protection and encryption,
local hard disk encryption on sector basis (complete or
partition-by-partition), Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0 support

 Siemens SICRYPT SmartGuard professional 1.0 - as SICRYPT SmartGuard easy
plus remote encryption on share basis (at directory levels in the Windows NT
domain), extended Windows NT security, Version 4.0 and higher

Siemens Computer Systems is the leading European supplier of information
technology, and forms part of the Siemens Information and Communication
Products Group. The company offers the industry's broadest range of computer
systems from a single supplier, ranging from home computers and Net PCs
through to notebooks, desktops, workstations, high-end servers and mainframe
systems. In addition to its comprehensive range of hardware products,
Siemens Computer Systems is focused on delivering platforms for solutions in
key business areas including e-commerce, data warehousing and SAP R/3.

The Siemens Information and Communication Products Group is a significant
part of the DM50 billion turnover Siemens Information and Communications
business segment. This new business was formed on the 1st October 1998 in
response to the growing requirement for converged IT and communications
products, solutions and services.

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6 May 1999

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