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Elo TouchSystems, Inc., global provider of touch input technologies for 
today's interactive displays, combines the easiest human computer interface 
with the fastest selling new product from Apple Computer. iMac, now available 
with Elo's robust "on tube" iTouch technology. IntelliTouch surface acoustic 
wave technology directed right on the CRT eliminates the need for image 
obstructing layers and provides  the highest MTBFfor touchscreen applications.

See them at Mac Developers Conference the week of May 10 in the San Jose 
Convention Center, and at MacWorld exhibit #169 in July (NY City) .

Elo TouchSystems Introduces iTouch for iMac

Business Wire - April 28, 1999 14:57
FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 28, 1999--Elo TouchSystems, Inc., 
global leader in touch technology and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Raychem 
Corporation (NYSE:RYC), today announces that iTouch(TM), Elo's latest surface 
wave technology, will be used on iMac, Apple's market-leading consumer 
Macintosh. The iTouch-enhanced iMacs were introduced in April at KioskCom 99, 
San Francisco, CA. 

"Elo's new "touch-on-tube" iTouch surface wave technology, is the clearest, 
most responsive touchscreen technology for the kind of self-service and 
public access applications that are fueling the demand for kiosk solutions in 
many vertical markets," says Annemarie Feely, Elo market manager for kiosk 
applications. "As a proven leader and preferred supplier for kiosk 
applications according to Summit Research, we are uniquely positioned to 
bring the power of iMac to these applications." In that survey, Francine 
Mendelsohn, president of Summit Research Associates, states that the majority 
of respondents indicated a preference for Elo touchmonitors. 

"iMac was designed as an easy to set up, powerful consumer computer that 
combines the simplicity of the Macintosh with the excitement of the 
Internet," says Tom Boger, iMac worldwide product manager at Apple Computer. 
"Because of iMac's stunning design, outstanding graphics performance and 
gorgeous screen, Elo's iTouch technology can turn the world's best consumer 
computer into a great interactive kiosk." 

The touch technology gracing the face of iTouch-enhanced iMacs represents a 
major breakthrough in touch technology development that allows Elo to direct 
surface waves onto the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) for touch sensing. "No overlay 
on the CRT means the highest quality image possible," says Steve DeLateur, 
vice-president of research and development at Elo. "Durability, another 
important feature for the public access environment, will also improve 
greatly because the CRT faceplate is several times stronger than a 
touchscreen overlay." In addition, the iTouch-enhanced iMac utilizes an 
integrated USB controller/driver where other iMac touch solutions require an 
added attachment to convert serial to USB. 

"Elo designed the new iTouch technology specifically to enhance the 
brightness and clarity, without jeopardizing the no drift, stable 
performance, and proven reliability of surface wave technology," says 
DeLateur. "All of that remains unchanged -- Elo's latest innovation to touch 
technology simply takes surface wave to a higher level of performance," he 

Elo's new iTouch technology challenges traditional overlay touchscreens by 
presenting a new, better, touch solution. Elo is the only touch provider in 
the industry to offer a touch solution that preserves the functionality, 
image quality and outward appearance of iMac. 


Marketing samples are available for evaluation, with actual product 
(including full worldwide agency approval) shipping in June. For more 
information on iMacs with iTouch and other Elo products and services, contact 
Elo TouchSystems at 800-ELO-TOUCH (800-356-8682) or visit Elo's Web site at 
www.elotouch.com. Direct electronic mail inquiries to [email protected] 

Elo TouchSystems 

Elo TouchSystems, Inc., global leader in touch technology, develops, 
manufactures and markets a complete line of touch products that simplify the 
interface between people and computers. Founded in 1971, Elo has headquarters 
in Fremont, California, and offices worldwide. Elo TouchSystems is a 
wholly-owned subsidiary of Raychem Corporation (NYSE:RYC). For more 
information on Elo's products and services, call 1-800-ELOTOUCH 
(1-800-356-8682) or visit Elo's Web site at www.elotouch.com. 

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