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Connect Interactive hold a Kiosk Open Day - 3rd June 1999
to launch a full range of CRT/LCD and Plasma Kiosks.

Due to the increased demand for high quality, affordable
Touchscreen kiosks. Connect Interactive are to sell and
support a new range of CE and HSE rated kiosks. With prices
from 2299 for the Prism 17" CRT Touchscreen kiosk, the
product range is the first to offer the highest standards
in kiosk manufacturing, at an affordable price.

To formally launch the Kiosk range, Connect Interactive are
holding an 'open day' at their Newport (Essex) office on the
3rd June 1999. The open day is aimed at individuals who are
currently involved or are interested in the specification and
supply of Kiosk technology for their clients or within their own

Jason Cremins, Partner - Connect Interactive says:

"The new range of kiosks will set the standards in style
and affordability in the UK today. The open day will give
people the opportunity to come and see the products in
action and discuss any individual requirements they may have.

Many kiosks being sold in the UK today, do not fully meet CE
and Health and Safety legislation and are little more than
a P.C. in a wooden box. Our range of kiosks are constructed
from Steel and Industrial strength plastics, manufactured to
BS9001 quality and meet all necessary legal standards."

Cremins concludes;

"Anyone who is involved in selecting and purchasing kiosk
technology for their clients or their own organisation, can
use the open day to find the kiosk which best suits their
project needs."

To register for the open day contact Connect Interactive on
01799 542929 or register via their website at

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1.      Picture of Jason Cremins - Partner - Connect Interactive

1.      Picture of Connect Interactive's Newport Offices

2.      Picture of the Prism 17" CRT Touchscreen kiosk

3.      Picture of the Eclipse 17" CRT Touchscreen kiosk

4.      Picture of our 'New' LCD Touchscreen kiosk

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Jason Cremins
Connect Interactive
Tel: 01799 542929
Fax: 01799 542928
web: http://www.connectinteractive.co.uk
Email: [email protected]

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