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Seattle, Washington
May 7, 1999

ServerMart announces the musicPump (tm) a "personal commerce computer", (PCC (tm)) designed for bricks-and-mortar retailing of digital music.

Now content providers and brick-and-mortar retailers can offer "on location" music sales to their customers. Music can be downloaded to a variety of media such as; Flash Memory Cards, Smart Cards, PCMCIA Memory Cards, and forthcoming technologies from IBM and others.

The continuing drop in digital music player prices has created a need to provide, to customers who don’t own home computers, a means of purchasing music. Spontaneous point-of-sale purchases can now also be fulfilled. Content providers can now offer a tentacle from their e-commerce sites into the realm of the brick-and-mortar retailer. The musicPump (tm) fulfills all of these needs.

A very unique feature of the musicPump (tm) is an ability to assume any identity desired by its owner. This is accomplished through a feature called the pumpSkin (tm). This chameleon like feature of the musicPump (tm) allows us to provide a product with a very competitive price and yet individual units can have distinctively different eye appeal. For the space conscious the overall footprint of 10" x 24" is also a desired feature.

More information about ServerMart and our visions can be obtained from www.servermart.com .

Look for the unveiling of the musicPump (tm) at the MP3 Summit ’99 June 15th and 16th 1999 in San Diego.

Michael Momany



Personal Commerce Computerô

PO Box 17135
Seattle, WA 98107

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