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Contact: Denise A. Molnar
Phone: 732-223-4200, ext. 253
Fax: 732-223-4999

HECON® PIXI™ Receipt Printer

MANASQUAN, NJ -- HECON, a Danaher Company, announces the introduction of their PIXI Receipt Printer. This low-cost, graphics-capable thermal printer is complete with 1,000,000 cut paper cutter, control board, paper supply and transport mechanisms, and a long-life, direct thermal printhead. With a print speed up to 2.0 inches per second, it is perfect for use in kiosks, self-service terminals, ticket vending systems, etc. The PIXIcan be mounted horizontally, (for front panel paper exit), or vertically (to facilitate dropping the finished receipt into a chute). Automatic paper loading simplifies operation. The cutter can make a full cut or a partial cut (to require a slight tug to separate it from the paper roll) under software control. The HECON PIXIhelps save engineering time by eliminating the need to fit separate printers, cutters, control boards, etc… together. The PIXIis complete and includes all these elements. For more information, contact HECON TOLL FREE at 1-800-432-6660 or visit their home page at http://www.hecon.com/CUTTERS



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