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ROUND ROCK, Texas, May 25 /PRNewswire/ -- TouchSystems Corporation and eTurboTouch Technology announced Monday, May 21, 2001, their strategic alliance and debuted patented touchscreen technologies, Turbo Pen and Turbo T6, at a press conference held at the Westin in Taipei, Taiwan. This event celebrated the partnership announced by TouchSystems April 13, 2001. Turbo Pen is a new, pen-based touch device that enables the panel to distinguish between it and the hand, overcoming identification problems common to resistive touchscreen technology. This eliminates interference caused by a knuckle or palms making contact with the panel. Turbo T6 is a 5-wire analog resistive touchscreen, enhanced with an EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) shield. T6 nearly doubles the lifespan of current 5-wire touchscreen technology.

Global Partnership

eTurboTouch Technology, an emerging industry leader in the manufacture of touchpanel and image capture technology, has granted TouchSystems exclusive distributorship rights throughout North and South America. TouchSystems, with over 85 years combined touchscreen experience, will leverage its expertise and extensive sales and distributorship channels, in partnership with eTurboTouch's manufacturing and new product development capacities. The partnership is designed to provide cutting-edge, cost-effective, touchpanel solutions and position the company to exploit unmet demand in the touchscreen market.

Announcement of New Patented Products

Turbo Pen is a special pen-based touch device, designed for use with high transmission rate (at least 90%) touch panels. Turbo Pen features an intelligent controller which distinguishes between pen and finger input, enabling palm rejection; thereby, eliminating interference caused by the knuckles or hand resting on the touch panel. Turbo Pen is the ideal choice when direct finger touch is unavailable. Turbo Pen provides improved accuracy and is targeted for CAD, handheld PC, Industrial, identification signature, e-book, GPS, webpad, medical, and IA products. Mass production will begin in August 2001.

Turbo T6, a 5-wire analog resistive touchscreen, enhanced with an EMI shield, is designed for extreme and high-use applications. T6 features a longer lifespan with superior durability, resolution, accuracy, and positioning speed. The added benefits of EMI, an electro-magnetic shield, provide improved functioning and reliability. T6 is targeted for a wide range of industries: POS, Kiosk, mobile warehousing, GPS, web phones, retail, ATMs, and industrial control. T6 is manufactured in sizes from 2`` to 21'' and can be custom designed to fit most any application.

About eTurboTouch

A subsidiary of the Turbo Group, founded in 1995, eTurboTouch is backed by a billion dollar enterprise, with factories in Taiwan and Southeast Asia. eTurboTouch delivers high quality, cost-effective, proprietary solutions for user-interface input devices. eTurboTouch manufactures state-of-the-art touchpanel and image capture products, including core technologies (Turbo T6, XGT & chipset). eTurboTouch is an emerging industry leader with a strong global sales and marketing team, value engineering and customer-driven manufacturing and outsourcing capabilities. ``The right touch is eTurbo.''

About TouchSystems

TouchSystems was established in 1996 by one of the original founders of touchscreen technology. With over 85 years combined touchscreen expertise, TouchSystems is dedicated to delivering the most advanced touch technology, including wireless capabilities. TouchSystems, based in Round Rock, Texas, is a privately held company. ``Your Partner in Total Touch Solutions.''

For photographs, datasheets, or any additional information, Contact Michelle Sims at 512.388.0090 ext. 26 or send email to [email protected].

Visit TouchSystems' website at www.touchsystems.com.

     For more information, contact
     Michelle Sims, Marketing Coordinator
     Ph: 512.388.0090x26  Fax: 512.388.0094


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