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SALTMINE RELEASES SALTMINE KIOSK 3.0                      
                        (PR Newswire; 05/27/99)                        

     Versatile Web Kiosk Software Debuts at UK Retail Exhibition

 SEATTLE, May 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Saltmine(R) Creative, Inc., a software 
development, visual communications and strategic consulting firm based in 
Seattle and London, announced today the release of Saltmine(R) Kiosk 3.0, a 
Windows-based browser application that lets Web site owners turn their existing 
sites or multimedia projects into secure kiosks, with no additional development 
( http://products.saltmine.com/kiosk/ ).

Microsoft is deploying ten touch-screen stations with Saltmine Kiosk software 
at the Retail Solutions 1999 conference, the largest retail IT exhibition in 
Europe, on May 25-27 in Birmingham, England. The kiosks feature a conference 
map, schedule, partner information and information about Microsoft's Digital 
Nervous System (DNS) vision in relation to the retail marketplace.

With Saltmine Kiosk, companies can provide secure access to online content in 
strategic public locations. Kiosk users can view only specified content and are 
restricted from accessing the computer system or the Internet at large. The 
software allows site owners to offer access to their content in building 
lobbies, retail stores, trade shows, airports, shopping malls or out in the 

"Using Saltmine Kiosk, we can automatically post announcements from one central 
location to kiosk stations on the tradeshow floor, where attendees can easily 
access information using touch-screen monitors," said Jayne Espley, industry 
marketing manager for Microsoft's Business Solutions Group.

"As the concept of self serve becomes a more popular means of serving customers 
with a wealth of information at the touch of a button, I am delighted to be 
working with Saltmine, whose rapid development environment makes retail 
applications quick and cost effective to deploy."

    Saltmine Kiosk 3.0 features:

    * Quick, low-cost deployment -- Designed for the Microsoft(R)

Windows operating system, Saltmine Kiosk installs quickly and easily. To deploy 
kiosks in different locations, site owners can configure one kiosk, then easily 
update remote stations from a centralized file, minimizing maintenance costs.

* Enterprise-level station maintenance -- Advanced maintenance features like 
scheduled system rebooting, crash monitoring, and restart and resource 
monitoring ensure stable, enterprise-level use.

* Safe and secure user access -- Saltmine Kiosk is designed to be secure, 
stable, and tamper-resistant. User access is limited to pre-approved Web sites 
and content. It prevents users from accessing files and applications on the 
computer system itself, and remains fully enabled after a system reboot.

* Easy, flexible interface design -- Kiosk administrators can easily customize 
the software interface by importing buttons, sounds, animations, and on-screen 
keyboards, or by selecting from professional interface designs that ship with 
the product. Flexible layout tools make it easy to preview changes.

    "Saltmine Kiosk 3.0 is all about flexibility and ease of use,"

said Pete Gerrald, chief technology officer, Saltmine Creative. "It offers 
companies a cost-effective, low maintenance way to turn existing Web sites and 
multimedia content into secure, interactive kiosks."

Saltmine Kiosk works on Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 
Server 4.0 and Windows NT Workstation 4.0. For situations where a connection to 
the Internet is impractical, Saltmine Kiosk can be based on CD-ROM or a local 
drive, retaining all features of the online version.

Saltmine Kiosk is available for immediate purchase using Saltmine's online 
store. For more information or to download a trial version, visit 

Saltmine Creative is a full-service software development, visual communications 
and strategic consulting firm specializing in the creation of innovative 
solutions and products. Saltmine's clients include BP Amoco, The PGA TOUR, 
General Motors, Microsoft Corporation, C-SPAN, London First Group, National 
Audubon Society, Muzak, Wizards of the Coast, the Los Angeles Times and 
Columbia Sportswear. The company's services include online software 
development, e-commerce and systems integration, consulting, branding, design, 
editorial services and information architecture, multimedia and games 
development and mission-critical hosting. For more information, visit 

    NOTE:  Saltmine is a registered trademark of Saltmine Creative,

Inc. in the United States and other countries.


    United States               Europe

    Paul Schille                Eric Johnson

    Director of Marketing       Managing Director

    Saltmine Creative, Inc.     Saltmine Creative, Ltd.

    206-284-7511                +44 (0) 171 692 9992

    [email protected]          [email protected]

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-0-                             05/27/99 /CONTACT:  Paul Schille, Director of 
Marketing of Saltmine Creative, Inc., 206-284-7511, or [email protected]; or 
Eric Johnson Managing Director of Saltmine Creative, Ltd., in Europe, 44-0-171-
692-9992, or [email protected]/

/Web site:  http://www.saltmine.com/  CO:  Saltmine Creative, Inc.; Saltmine 
Creative, Ltd. ST:  England,

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