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News Release


Interactive Appliance (KIOSK) Owners Unite

May 30, 2000

Minneapolis, Minnesota

VOYAGI, Inc. announced today the launch of www.impressionsource.com set for June 1, 2000. Impression Source is a single portal for information and services for advertising on interactive appliances (kiosks). It is home to UAS (Universal Advertising System), IntelliCom International (a firm specializing in interactive advertising brokering and sales), and Brain Child (an interactive advertising agency); it serves as a collective resource for interactive advertising with real-time workgroups that provide instant access to information.

VOYAGI, Inc. President Lief Larson said "We are very excited about the launch of this portal. Some kiosk owners have hundreds of kiosks in the field but are still unable to bring on large advertisers. As one large media network we have already entertained interest from Coke, Budweiser, and advertising agencies like DDB and Leo Burnett. What we're looking for here is to bring in advertising revenues that wouldn't be possible to a network of 200 kiosks. But together we can offer a collective network of more than 100,000 kiosks."

In addition to allowing kiosk owners to come together, this portal will also allow advertisers to see what kiosk are available and the benefits of kiosk-based advertising.


VOYAGI, Inc. is a Minneapolis-based company providing solutions to kiosk industry's media and information demands. They accomplish this by publishing KIOSK Magazine, providing comprehensive consulting to over 500 companies annually, and providing content and media delivery services.

VOYAGI group of companies: KIOSK Magazine, Brain Child Advertising, The Kiosk Store, Impression Source, IntelliCom International, Lyro, and The EPO.

To find out more about VOYAGI visit www.voyagi.com or call (612)676-1562.

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