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Netkey Launches Certified Solution Provider Program to Ensure

Quality of Service to Web Kiosk Customers

Self-Service Software Leader Sets Industry's First Standards for Certification

BRANFORD, Conn. - June 5, 2001 - Netkey, Inc., the leading provider of enterprise software for Internet self-service devices including kiosks and managed PCs, today announced the establishment of the Netkey Certified Solution Provider program (NCSP) for software developers, Web designers, consultants and resellers.

In order to meet the growing needs of the Internet self-service industry, Netkey has developed the industry's first comprehensive certification program for software and services. The program certifies individual technology solution providers as authorized developers of kiosk applications using Netkey's market-leading software suite, while ensuring customers quality of service from Netkey-trained providers. Program members also have the option of generating additional revenue by becoming authorized resellers of Netkey software.

The NCSP Program offers companies an identifiable way to demonstrate to clients that they have the highest credentials and expertise in delivering self-service solutions for kiosks, and managed PCs. NCSP members receive enhanced certification and training based on Netkey's decades of industry experience, and in turn are recognized as having the highest level of proficiency in this specific solution area.

"Our goal is to provide the best-in-class products backed by premier service on a global scale," said Matthew Nemerson, chief operating officer of Netkey. "We will forge long-term relationships with leading organizations that can specialize in delivering market-ready applications using Netkey software. Netkey will also work with great partners such as WebRaiser to guarantee customers a high level of service based upon our proven methodology and best practices."

California-based Integrator Leverages NCSP Program for Market Growth

WebRaiser is a Sacramento, Calif. based provider of kiosk-based self-service solutions. Membership in the NCSP program will provide WebRaiser with resources to help it develop and deploy robust Netkey e-commerce, point of information and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that will help speed customers' time to market and reduce costs. WebRaiser spent 18 months setting up its supply chain in order to scale and handle the demand of the fast-growing public Internet access industry. With the ability to cost-effectively produce a small set of beta units or roll out 5000 units over the next 2-3 months, WebRaiser is well-positioned to capitalize on the opportunities it identifies with Netkey.

"The NCSP program allows us to clearly promote ourselves to customers as having proven expertise in providing high-quality e-commerce solutions," said Gary De Blaquiere, WebRaiser's vice president of sales and marketing. "We have built our media-serving technology into the Netkey product, enabling customers to serve every type of media real-time and track all actions associated with that media for true ROI justification."

Expanding Market

Retailers, banks, and other customer-focused businesses require supported enterprise solutions that facilitate the integration and deployment of their kiosk networks. According to a recent study by Jupiter Research, the number of kiosk users will increase from 34 million in 2001 to 91 million in 2006. Consumer usage of and demand for kiosks will increase, providing retailers with the opportunity to drive $6.5 billion in sales directly trough kiosks and an additional $77 billion in sales influenced by research performed at a kiosk, according to Jupiter.

Responding to this need, Netkey has created the NCSP program to guarantee that independent software vendors and developers, Web designers, resellers, consultants and solution providers can participate in this expanding market, as well as be trained and certified to deliver successful kiosk applications using Netkey's award-winning software platform and implementation methodology.

Opportunity to Partner with Industry Leader

Analysts including Frost & Sullivan and Gomez rank Netkey as the leading provider of software technology for kiosks used in retail, banking, financial services, as well as other industries where multi-channel sales and marketing and self-service capabilities are critical to increasing revenues and building brand loyalty.

Netkey software automates the development and management of self-service Web applications used in kiosks, managed PCs, and other devices placed in public environments where ease of use, reliability and security is essential. All professional services companies, from e-commerce Web development shops to system integration firms and point of sale application providers, are invited to apply to become a Netkey Certified Solution Provider.

Program Benefits

Netkey has developed a number of benefits for those who become certified as NCSPs. The three-tiered program offers increasing value to members based upon higher levels of commitment, and allows organizations to participate at the level that best fits their business objectives. Program members obtain a Developer license of Netkey software, early access to new product and development plans and support guidelines. Participating companies will find extensive benefits resulting from access to the private NCSP Web site containing detailed product documentation, visibility on Netkey's Web site, as well as sales referrals and premier technical and sales support. Netkey will also offer customized sales tools, NCSP logos and other Netkey branding materials.

Authorized resellers also have the ability to capture margins by offering Netkey software as part of their solutions portfolio.

To find out more about the program and to apply, visit http://www.netkey.com/partners/ncsp.htm.

Netkey Software Suite

The Netkey CreatorTM suite of products provide robust Web kiosk application development, design and security, including touch-screen friendly user interfaces, operating system and keyboard lock-down, URL and surf control, system logging, and multi-media support. Netkey ManagerTM is a comprehensive e-CRM server solution for web-kiosk network monitoring, reporting, analysis, and content management.

About Netkey

Netkey, Inc., the leading provider of software for kiosks and managed PCs, enables businesses to increase customer satisfaction by providing information and services to customers via the Web, at kiosks located in stores and at other convenient locations. Netkey's software suite has become the authoring platform of choice for developers and systems integrators across the globe. Frost & Sullivan ranks Netkey as "the premier provider of kiosk software." Netkey's customers include Yahoo!, J.C. Penney Co., Microsoft, E*Trade, Borders Group. Inc, Fidelity Investments, Ford Motor Co. and Service Merchandise. Founded in 1983, Netkey is headquartered in Branford, Conn., and has satellite offices in New York and San Diego. Netkey holds U.S. Patents for its browser kiosk system and for its peripheral integration software for browser kiosk systems. For more information on Netkey, please visit us on the Web at www.netkey.com.


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