June 7, 1999

Contact: Fred Thompson

562-626-8200, ext. 124




TouchVisionís Interactive media and Internet-based kiosk services are opening up new opportunities for retailers to better compete in the intense battle for customer loyalty and brand recognition in the new e-retail business landscape. Toys International has contracted with TouchVision to develop a prototype application to use interactive kiosks to sell toys at sites outside of their brick and mortar store locations and in their existing retail stores. The in-store system will allow customers to browse through collectibles and toys that are not on the store shelves. Based on the extensive interest expressed from the retail industry, TouchVision plans to roll out a full suite of interactive media and kiosk-based systems integration services to retailers including virtual store kiosks, customer loyalty card programs, satisfaction surveys, interactive product information and other customer oriented interactive features.

An in-store loyalty kiosk concept will be offered that will be tightly integrated with the customerís existing POS systems and their Internet web site. For example a customer transacting a purchase on the Internet can view their award point balance while shopping at the retailers physical store. Likewise, the user shopping at the physical store can use a touchscreen kiosk to view the status of their loyalty account, see product promotions, and be directed to the web site for convenient access to additional information and customer services. Those who do not have Internet access can still get to the retailerís web site from the kiosk.

TouchVision builds end-to-end Internet-based business solutions by integrating systems, publishing and distributing broadband media, creating e-commerce enterprises and providing outsourcing services to the retail, entertainment, tourism and healthcare industries. TouchVision helps businesses use the latest digital technology to more effectively compete in the rapidly changing electronic commerce landscape.

For more information, visit the TouchVision website at www.touchvision.com, or contact Fred Thompson, Marketing Director, at 562-626-8200 ext. 124 or [email protected].