Lexitech Awarded U.S. Patent for NetKey® Web Kiosk Browser


June 12, 1998

BRANFORD, CONNECTICUT -- Lexitech, Inc., the new media and e-commerce pioneer, has been awarded U.S. Patent number 5,761,071 for a web browser kiosk system based on Lexitech's award-winning NetKey software. Lexitech NetKey® Internet kiosk software, the best selling kiosk browser on the market, is in use around the globe providing user-friendly, secure Internet/Intranet access.

As the leader in Self-Service Delivery, Lexitech solutions have been used by over 150 million people worldwide. With nearly 5 billion people in the world without web access, Lexitech NetKey software is rapidly becoming the preferred software platform for meeting the needs of the world population. Organizations including corporations, universities, hospitals and government agencies now license Lexitech NetKey as a robust yet easy to use platform that provides controlled access to the web and tremendous flexibility in designing customer activated terminal applications.

Select Licensees of Lexitech's Patented NetKey Software Technology:

Typical Applications for Lexitech's Patented NetKey Software Technology:

  • Microsoft
  • Microtouch
      • Trade Show
    • Daimler Benz
  • Network Solutions
      • Corporate Showcase
    • Warner-Lambert
  • Fidelity Investments
      • Conferences
    • U.S. Postal Service
  • King Products
      • Public Internet Information Terminals
    • Wall Street Journal
  • Lockheed Martin
      • Public Pay Phone
    • Bayer Pharmaceuticals
  • Cleveland Clinic
      • Point of Sale
    • Federal Reserve Board
  • City of Colorado Springs
      • Corporate Recruiting
    • Olivetti
  • Portland Trailblazers
      • Human Resource Information
    • GE Capital
  • Deluxe Corporation
      • Government Jobs

    In addition, NetKey Jump Start services from Lexitech provide custom functionality and graphical concept and design to fully integrate our clients' public-access projects with their corporate business goals. On the enterprise level, Lexitech's NetKey Enterprise services provide complete public-access system development including device monitoring, content updating, database management, lead generation, payment processing, ad management, and kiosk content channel development.

    About Lexitech

    Founded at Yale's Management School in 1983, Lexitech has been at the forefront of self-service eCommerce development for global enterprises since the industry's infancy. We turn the monitor around(tm) and help enterprises build stronger relationships with their customers, partners and employees. Lexitech solutions help our clients create a sustainable competitive advantage through dramatic increases in customers and sales or through vast cost reductions. Lexitech was a co-sponsor of KioskCom '98.


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