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The World's first true wheel chair access public information kiosk

The World's first true wheel chair access public information kiosk, WebSlider is mounted on track runners which allows it to glide up and down the wall to address multi-level use. From table top chair height, the unit effortlessly travels a full 300 mm up the wall unit it rests at stand-up waist height.

Stylish design allows great flexibility for alternative colour and texture combinations to match your decor or retail branding. The 400mm x 500mm POS signage is fully illuminated matching the brightness of the super bright 15" TFT display.

Desktop workspace includes full keyboard and mouse tablet, a lower short shelf provides storage for printers or simply handbag space.

Supplied with credit card, kiosk card and also optional coin payment systems this unit is versatile to support any kiosk deployment business model.

Also embedded for video postcard or video conferencing is a colour CCD camera with sharp imaging and manual focus. Pentium P667 Mhz with 128 MB RAM, CDROM and 10 GB HDD, shames the performance of many desk top solutions whilst the 30 watt class B amplifier and speaker system outputs impressive audio.

Priced aggressively to meet the commercial agendas of the "big Retailers" WebSlider can already be found gracing several UK international airport concourses providing 365/ 24x7 internet access.

Call us now to arrange your demo. +44 1793 855366 or visit us on the web

Connectivity to the Internet directly via USB 56K modem through your standard phone line. Or recommended ISDN (through optional router) and/or ADSL (DSL through USB or Ethernet port) telephone lines are used for high-speed low cost connectivity to the Internet.


WhatsHot Companies News Products Features Help
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