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Open Source Embedded Web Server From
GoAhead Software Now Supports QNX; Brown
Computer Company Ports GoAhead WebServer
Under Open License Agreement

BELLEVUE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 22, 1999--GoAhead(R)
Software, the leading developer of management software for Internet appliances
and devices, and Brown Computer Company, experts in QNX-based software
projects, today announced the addition of QNX to the platforms supported by
GoAhead WebServer(tm). 

Under an open source development model, Brown Computer Company recently
completed the port to QNX for GoAhead WebServer. This port is one of the
many new features of GoAhead WebServer 2.0, which is being released today.
Originally released in November 1998, GoAhead WebServer opens the doors to
improved embedded product management for a wide range of devices such as
cellular telephones, handheld computers, and networking, office and medical

"GoAhead WebServer can greatly enhance the usability of everyday electronic
devices," said Michael O'Brien, GoAhead Software CEO. "Releasing the
source code for our embedded Web server speeds the development of
Web-enabled devices and provides manufacturers the ability to build Web
servers into their products without increasing their costs or royalty payments." 

Embedded Web servers enable remote access and control of any type of
embedded system or device. Each system or device can be individually
accessed via a unique URL, with a customized Web page allowing control of
the system's functions and architecture. 

Additionally, Web accessibility is the first step in enabling more advanced
embedded management functionality for even greater improvements in product
performance and lower manufacturer support costs. GoAhead Software
develops embedded management applications that extend product functionality
to include automatic, remote upgrading and fault management capabilities. 

"We applaud the release of GoAhead WebServer as open source. The open
source model of software development leads to a significantly enriched code
base," said Christopher Brown, president of Brown Computer Company. "In
this case, we were able to bring our extensive QNX knowledge to bear,
extending the GoAhead WebServer support to include the additional RTOS.
Now a broader base of embedded developers can integrate the code into their

About GoAhead WebServer 

More than 100 developers download GoAhead WebServer source code each
month, with several major manufacturers evaluating the product for their
development projects. GoAhead WebServer is a fast, small-footprint,
standards-based embedded Web server specifically developed for embedded
manufacturers. The embedded Web server delivers a highly efficient and
effective method of dynamic Web page creation, leveraging Active Server
Pages (ASP), embedded JavaScript (a subset of JavaScript) and in-memory
CGI processing. In addition to QNX, GoAhead WebServer supports VxWorks
from Wind River Systems (Nasdaq:WIND); Windows CE, Windows NT, and
Windows 95 and 98 from Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT); Solaris from Sun
Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq:SUNW); Linux; and LynxOS from Lynx Real-Time
Systems, Inc. Support for the GoAhead WebServer is available through a
collaborative Usenet newsgroup, news://news.goahead.com, in which
GoAhead is an active participant. The source code is currently available for
download from GoAhead Software's Web site at
http://www.goahead.com/webserver/wsregister.htm, and from Brown Computer
Company's site at http://www.browncomputer/goaheadwebserver. 

About GoAhead Software, Inc. 

GoAhead Software (http://www.goahead.com) is the leading developer of
management software for Internet appliances and devices. The company
leverages Internet standards to address the problem of managing devices and
appliances from a unique orientation -- from inside the device or appliance.
GoAhead's solutions enable manufacturers to reduce or eliminate the need for
costly and ineffective external management and support by using the
intelligence resident in the device or appliance to internally manage faults and
upgrades. The privately held company was formed in 1995 and is
headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. 

About Brown Computer Company 

Brown Computer Company supplies contract programmers and completed
fixed-price projects for electronics, newspaper, semiconductor, textile, aircraft,
banking, medical and refining companies. Since 1988, the company has
helped customers in North America and Asia with software development,
networking and training. They have extensive experience developing software
for the QNX operating system, and actively support QNX (versions 2 and 4),
Neutrino and Photon. In completing client projects, Brown leverages third party
products such as Watcom compilers and Sybase SQL Anywhere,
implementing them on a wide range of contemporary embedded hardware
including the RadiSys EXPLR2 board as well as custom hardware. For more
information about Brown Computer, visit their Web site at

GoAhead is a registered trademark of GoAhead Software, Inc. GoAhead
WebServer is a trademark of GoAhead Software, Inc. 

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