Contact: Larry Mahar

Exec VP Marketing

562-626-8200, ext. 111

June 23, 1999



TouchVision, Seal Beach, California, has been selected to develop an interactive broadband system for a major e-commerce customer. Customer disclosure is not permitted at this time. The system will use broadband interactive media to enrich customer experience while performing online shopping and accessing subscription services. Using leading technology, TouchVision will incorporate video, audio, graphics, and other interactive experiences. This will allow users to have a unique experience based on their own preferences and interests. TouchVision will develop proprietary software components, produce the broadband content, and coordinate content distribution.

The project will be developed in two phases. Phase 1 will produce the prototype system for demonstrating system architecture, defining key broadband components, and securing participation from key partners. Phase 2 will develop the full production system for release in September 1999.

TouchVision is an information technology company that focuses on building Internet systems using interactive broadband technology. We believe that the fundamental transformation of society due to the Internet has only just begun. Our role in the transformation is to provide businesses with Internet systems that give their customers access to information, services, and electronic commerce (e-commerce). We believe that the true power of the Internet is unleashed when access is not limited to the home or office. This is why we deploy end-to-end Interactive Everywhere solutions. We accomplish Interactive Everywhere by converging multimedia kiosks, Internet web sites, and emerging technologies. TouchVision core competencies are Internet Technology, System Integration, Software Development, Broadband Media Production, Multimedia Kiosks, and Network Operations. For more information, please contact Larry Mahar, Exec VP Marketing, at 562-626-8200 ext. 111 or visit TouchVision at