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News Release

Microsoft and HP Use Lexitech Netkey ® Kiosk Commerce Platform at PC Expo to Increase Event ROI and Improve Lead Management

PC EXPO, Javits Center, New York City: June 27, 2000

For decades, leading companies attend events and trade shows for one main reason—to get qualified customer leads which can then be turned into sales. Yet, for whatever reason, this objective is often times diluted or overlooked for other seemingly more pressing issues. And, at the end of the event the CEO of the company wants to know what type of return the company got from its massive investment in tradeshows.

For this weeks PC Expo Computer Show in New York City, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Hewlett Packard (NYSE:HWP) enlisted the help of Lexitech Netkey, a San Francisco and Connecticut based Internet Software company, specializing in building and operating web kiosk commerce platforms for Fortune 1000 companies.

Lexitech Netkey Provides an eCommerce Lead Management Solution

Lexitech’s Netkey marries the overall methodology of event planning (pre event, on-site, post-event) with its award-winning and patented web commerce software. Prior to the event, show managers use Lexitech’s Netkey to invite attendees to the show, plan detailed visits to partner booths, invite partners to select booth areas, promote press releases and many other key features required to build traffic to the booth.

During the event, exhibitors use the Lexitech Netkey Kiosk software to allow prospects to swipe their badge and pick-up their personalized Netkey roadmap. All the prospect information is stored the in the Netkey lead management database for use after the show by sales prospecting teams. Also, during the show, prospects can use the Netkey eMe ® feature to forward literature and web information to their personal web accounts.

After the show, show managers use the powerful Netkey lead management software to analyze the results of their event. They can use the Netkey Web Wizards to sort by type of prospect or product and then send out broadcast emails to prospects or forward the leads to the appropriate sales department.

Lexitech’s Netkey event eCommerce Platform Helps to:

  1. Increase Traffic to the Show
  2. Market Booth Space to Exhibitors
  3. Create Web Templates for Show Managers
  4. Promote the Event to the Press
  5. Create Personalized Roadmaps for Booth Visitors
  6. Reduce Shipping and Literature Costs at the Show
  7. Reduce Manpower requires at the booth
  8. Save T&E Expenses
  9. Leverages existing Web Assets
  10. Provides world-class show lead management

For more information, please visit: http://www.netkey.com.

About Lexitech Netkey

Lexitech's patented ( http://www.lexitech.com ) Web commerce kiosk software platform, NetKey ® , is designed for large enterprise, secure customer access to event, retail, and banking Web applications. NetKey ® , a new kiosk ASP portal, powers over 500 companies worldwide, including Fidelity Investments, Borders Books, Testors, Microsoft Corporation, Urban Fetch, FamilyMeds.com, Kennedy Center, Army Navy Store, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Warner Lambert, American Express and other leading etailers and dotcoms worldwide. Lexitech Investors include Zerostage Capital, (http://zerostage.com), iXL Ventures (NASDAQ: IIXL) (http://www.ixl.com), and CyberStarts VC (http://www.cyberstarts.com) (First Data Corp, Marsh Capital, Atlanta. For more info, contact Matthew Nemerson [email protected] Lexitech is based in San Francisco and Branford Connecticut.

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Netkey and Lexitech are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Lexitech, Inc. All other names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Media Contacts:

Matt Nemerson, Lexitech Netkey, 800 443 7924 x 190, [email protected]

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