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Contact: Denise A. Molnar
Phone: 732-223-4200, ext. 253
Fax: 732-223-4999

HECON® by HENGSTLER PIXI™ Receipt Printer

MANASQUAN, NJ -- HECON, a Danaher Company, announces the introduction of their PIXI&tm; Receipt Printer. This low-cost, graphics-capable thermal printer is complete with 1,000,000 cut paper cutter, control board, paper supply and transport mechanisms, and a long-life, direct thermal printhead. With a print speed up to 2.0 inches per second, it is perfect for use in kiosks, self-service terminals, ticket vending systems, etc. The PIXIcan be mounted horizontally, (for front panel paper exit), or vertically (to facilitate dropping the finished receipt into a chute). Automatic paper loading simplifies operation. The cutter can make a full cut or a partial cut (to require a slight tug to separate it from the paper roll) under software control. The HECON PIXIhelps save engineering time by eliminating the need to fit separate printers, cutters, control boards, etc� together. The PIXIis complete and includes all these elements. For more information, contact HECON TOLL FREE at 1-800-432-6660 or visit their home page at www.hecon.com.




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