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Spyglass announced today it signed an exclusive distribution agreement with
Nokia Wireless Software Solutions that grants Spyglass the rights to license
Nokia's Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) browser, the only browser on the
market that meets version 1.1 of WAP specifications. In addition to
exclusive distribution rights, the partnership allows Spyglass to provide
extensive professional services to manufacturers of mobile phones, personal
digital assistants (PDAs), and other non-PC devices to help customize and
integrate Nokia's WAP browser with their wireless platforms.
Randy Littleson, Spyglass Executive Vice President and General Manager, will
be available to discuss how this agreement represents a touchstone in the
development of information appliances, and how Spyglass will be at the
forefront of these advances. Please contact Erica LeBorgne, Spyglass PR
Coordinator, at 630-245-6624 to arrange an interview.


Nokia and Spyglass Form Partnership for Distribution of Nokia WAP Browser

(July 7, 1999) -- Nokia Wireless Software Solutions announced today that it
has executed a worldwide distribution agreement with Spyglass Inc. that is
intended to accelerate the acceptance and implementation of the Wireless
Application Protocol (WAP) standard. The agreement empowers Spyglass to
license the Nokia WAP Browser to manufacturers of mobile phones, personal
digital assistants (PDA), and other devices that rely on wireless
communications. Spyglass will also provide engineering services to
manufacturers for the customization and integration of the Nokia WAP Browser
with the manufacturer's platform.

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