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Tempest Telecom Develops New Open Standard for Prepaid Cards Allowing Public Access Internet Kiosks to Accept Traveling Users


(Monday July 13th Scottsdale, Arizona) Tempest Telecom announced today a new open standard that it has developed which will allow prepaid and postpaid customers to travel between kiosks throughout the United States and the World. TITAN/kiOSK (Open Standard Kiosk) allows developers and deployers to sell and accept prepaid and postpaid access TITAN enabled cards through their Internet terminals. TITAN cards contain account information as well as preset preferences such as email address or favorite links. Card acceptance can easily be integrated with current payment systems such as credit cards and cash. However TITAN cards provide some distinct advantages over the later two methods of payment without the drawbacks of credit requirements and high transaction fees of credit cards and the high maintenance fees of cash. With TITAN prepaid cards retailers will be able to receive their money up front for access provided and will also be able to receive repeat business. Because TITAN/kiOSK is an open system users who purchase cards will be able to use them at many different participating kiosks in the same way ATM cards are interoperable between different banking institutions.

TITAN operates by centralizing authentication and accounting securely through the Internet. Tempest Telecom tracks TITAN card usage and is able to shut off usage when a user runs out of credit. Tempest Telecom then makes payment to the provider of the kiosk for the time used by each user. This centralized account management also means that users can reload their cards after the preset limit is reached.

The public access Internet industry faces certain challenges, primary the lack of coverage that will increase public reliance and acceptance of public access terminals. Since TITAN/kiOSK is open to all developers who qualify, TITAN card users can travel between kiosks provided by different companies, creating a huge network of kiosks that will increase user reliance on public access terminals. Developers that wish to learn more about the requirements involved in accepting TITAN cards can go to www.tempestcom.com for more information.

About Tempest Telecom

Tempest Telecom is a Scottsdale, Arizona based communications company specializing in the authentication or roaming users between communications networks. Tempest Telecomís products include voice, data and wireless communications available in over 150 countries worldwide. For more information please see www.tempestcom.com.


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