July 12, 1999

Contact: Larry Mahar

562-626-8200, ext. 111




TouchVision Interactive Systems announces the availability of two new kiosk designs targeted for use in retail chains and a wide variety of other transactional or ecommerce applications. Both kiosks were developed in response to the emerging demand for interactive systems in the retail environment for applications such as loyalty and gift card programs, product promotion, catalog browsing, and gift registries.

The first kiosk is a compact self-contained unit designed to be installed into existing store fixtures or mounted in wall. The kiosk uses a flat panel touch display and integrates a magnetic card or smart card reader and a telephone hand set. The kiosk unit, which measures only 24-in x 16-in x 9-in, can be easily moved around as a store reorganizes shelving and other fixtures. The second kiosk is a dual display unit designed to be used at a store entrance or end-cap location. It features dual displays, one touchscreen interactive display and a second overhead display designed to play product promotional videos and advertising spots.

TouchVision builds end-to-end Internet-based business solutions using web sites, interactive touchscreen kiosks or digital display system by integrating systems, publishing and distributing broadband media, creating e-commerce enterprises and providing outsourcing services to the retail, entertainment, tourism and healthcare industries. TouchVision helps businesses use the latest digital technology to more effectively compete in the rapidly changing electronic commerce landscape.

For more information, visit the TouchVision website at www.touchvision.com, or contact Larry Mahar at 562-626-8200 ext. 111 or email at [email protected].