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Contents: An Apology to Daikin - Membership status - SVCD Authoring Tool set 
- Special offer on improved M2 authoring tools - Success stories. 

>From the Editor.

Philips join Panasonic as DVDA sponsors.

Philips long time supporter of the developers community has joined the DVDA 
Advisory Council. They will be represented at meetings in USA by Bernie 
Mitchell and in Europe by Job Mensink.
Jim Taylor, author of the book DVD demystified, Microsoft's DVD evangalist 
and on of the most respected experts on DVD in general has become the fifth 
member of the DVDA Advisory Council.  

Web site progress. www.dvda.org

The developers section of the directory is now operational, please check out 
your entry.
Summit Registration and Awards entry forms are now available on the web site. 
We do need contributions from out readers for the web site. Remember it is 
your web site, so please take a moment and send us your experiences, insights 
or any breaking news you would like to share with the DVD community.

Membership Update.

Over the past few weeks several of you who have asked us what your currant 
state of membership is in the IDMA and DVDA.  If you are a paid up member of 
the IDMA, we have automatically made you a member of the new DVDA. You will 
see the word 'Member' on the first line of this newsletter.

If you have been a member of IDMA but are not up to date with membership 
dues, we have given you three months free membership.  Lastly, if you have 
asked to enroll in the new DVDA, we have also given you three months free 
membership. If you are in these categories you will see the word 'Member 90 
days'. Both these categories will receive their 'Members Only' section 
password in the next few days.

If you have the word 'Guest' on the top line then you have not asked to be a 
member.  Guests will continue to receive Plug & Play but will not enjoy any 
of the other benefits of membership, such as access to the 'Members Only' 
section on the web site, a listing on the web site, a link to your web site 
and $100 off the registration price at the summit.   Membership is currently 
free for 90 days. You are welcome to continue to receive Plug & Play as long 
as you find it instructive, entertaining and worthwhile.  

First meeting of DVDA

Don't forget the first meeting of the DVDA which is scheduled for Sunday, 
August 15, will be held in the 'Seacliff  D' Room from 5:30 to 6:30 pm at the 
Hyatt Regency Embarcadero, San Francisco.  We expect a big turnout at this 
meeting, as most of those involved in the DVD industry will be there 
attending the DVD Pro conference and the idea of being in at the beginning 
and helping to shape the future of a support organization for the DVD 
industry as caused a lot of interest and excitement. 

New web site for DVD jobs.

Roland Wood, of Minerva Systems, has launched a special web site for those 
looking and offering jobs requiring the special talents of people like our 
readers. You can visit the job listings at: www.DVDjobsUSA.com. The DVDA 
intended to have a similar facility on the our web site, however since Roland 
is a DVDA member and he has an excellent site, we have agreed to work 
together and support him by adding a link from our site. 

Special  employment opportunity

A friend of mine, a senior executive with many years experience in both the 
content and technology sides of digital interactive training, has decided on 
a change of focus.  He is looking for a position, in California. If you know 
of a company that could use his considerable knowledge and unusual skill set, 
please call Paul Holmes and he can put you in touch. (440) 349 9661

SVCD authoring tool set from Philips

Philips System Standards & Licensing, Licensing Support has advised us they 
have a SuperVideo-CD (SVCD) tool set available to download from their web 
site. (The Philips' DVD Pro170 will play SVCD.) They also have the DVD 
verifier for $500, a great bargain.
Contact at: www.licensing.philips.com or via E-mail: [email protected] 
Tel: +31-40-2739177  Fax: +31-40-2732113

Consumer Technical Help site.

One of the DVD Video rental companies has opened a forum for DVD Video 
Consumer users, to chat. It has a technical answer section. You may want to 
visit this site now and then to see if you can help promote the DVD industry 
by answering any questions or offering advice.  

Multimedia Technology Center (MTC) & Panasonic now offer a unique way to 
uncover where your customers go

MTC and Panasonic have introduced a new enhanced version of CD Motion for M2 
featuring several new support functions including:

Tracking Capability
· Utilizing SRAM and/or a built-in "SuperDisk™" drive allows you to track how 
the customer navigates your application.
· Tracking information can be used to improve future versions of your 
software or aid your customer in planning future products and promotions.
 Touch Screen Monitor
· Most elegant & easiest user interface.
· Lets customers interact with products.
 Serial Port Support 
· Supports serial input/output devices such as a numeric key pad.

For a limited time, MTC will offer a free 30 day trial evaluation on their 
latest version of CD Motion for M2, to create interactive media for your 
customers.  After the evaluation, you may purchase the software for $3,000, 
only 50% of MTC's normal VAR price.  This easy to use development tool allows 
you to author interactive software by the simple drop and drag method.

In conjunction with MTC's trial evaluation, Panasonic is offering an M2 
player for a free 30 day trial.  If you decide to keep the player, you may 
purchase it for 50% of Panasonic's suggested list price. 

To sign up for this limited time offer, visit the M2 section on our new web 
site at http://www.dvda.org/html/m2.html or e-mail: [email protected]

CD-i is still going.   

One of our members is looking for a Media Mogul authoring system, including 
I2M board, Media Mogul software, documentation and whatever plug-ins are 
available.  Macintosh or PC version is acceptable, however Mac is preferred.
If you have a spare one send details to [email protected]

This applies to all surplus CD-I equipment, as it is now in demand.

And to fix them!

For those with CD-I players that need repairing, pmpro - long time supporter 
of CD-i announce the formalization of their repair program.  CD-i machines 
can be repaired/serviced for a fixed price of $100 plus $10 return UPS 
shipping.  Send units to pmpro Distribution Services, 18777D North Frederick 
Rd., Gaithersburg, MD 20879.  Current turn round time is 5-10 working days. 
Repaired units are warranted for 90
days.  They also still carry the most comprehensive stock of parts, 
accessories and software titles in North America.

Editors comment.
This is reassuring news for those with large inventories of CD-I players 
still in daily use.

DVD-Video Success Stories.

Pioneer DVD at Lucent Technologies.

Lucent Technologies lives up to its reputation as a front runner in 
technology by using DVD-Video at it's headquarters in New Jersey. Advanced 
Media Concepts, the video production company for the project, chose eight 
Pioneer DVD-V7200's, using the players external sync lock for synchronized 
playback between players.  The compact and lightweight design of the Pioneer 
players allowed the systems integrator, Creative Management Systems, to 
design a unique presentation structure as the centerpiece of the lobby. All 
eight players are neatly stacked and housed out of view so that the Lucent 
message, not the equipment, takes center stage. The external remote feature 
allows the Lucent staff to control the looping presentation easily. With the 
flip of a switch, prospective clients are drawn into the essence of Lucent 
Technologies with the power of DVD-Video.

DVD sells Scotch at the Airport.

The Seagram Company, distillers of Chivas Regal premium Scotch whiskey are 
using Eleven video monitors of varying sizes to portray a couple enjoying a 
glass of Chivas at a small table. 
Each monitor displays a different segment: heads, torsos, hands, feet. The 
3-D video-wall structure looks more like a piece of art than an 
advertisement, and it's capturing lots of attention.
The images displayed on the monitors of the Chivas piece are created by 
looping video running on eleven Pioneer DVD-V7200 players. Because of their 
compact and light-weight design, all eleven of the DVD-V7200 players fit 
inconspicuously into the display without detracting from the overall effect.  
The display was produced by TBWA/Chiat/Day Advertising in New York. 

Selling Multimedia Packages.

One of the hardest thing about this business is pricing a project for a 
Peter Hayman Dir. of Sales at ACME Media, Inc. has come up with an unusual 
answer, a new division called Sunflower Solutions. It will offer both VCD and 
DVD formats in several different packages. Currently, they are offering 24 
different hardware packages and 5 different software packages.  Customers 
will be able to see the components and then go to the Pricing Pages to 
compare costs. Peter told me he thought this would help Kiosk integrators 
price complete kiosk for their clients. Contact Peter at 888-321-2263 or 
visit their web site at www.321acme.com

Videotronics North America keep expanding.
One of our big supporters in Europe, Videotronics, tells us that since their 
North America venture was formalized last year, new business growth has been 
so strong; that the addition of new staff members is now required to handle 
the daily workload.  Andrew Hetzal, who while working for McGill Multimedia, 
was managing the increasing growth of Videotronic North America has now left 
McGill and is working full time for Videotronic North America. "My associates 
at McGill remain dear friends and skilled developers of interactive media," 
said Andrew.

Having operations in over 20 countries, and a long list of recognizable 
customers including Microsoft, Hasbro, Mattel, Ericsson, Black & Decker, 
Logitech, Lego, Bosch, Disney, Videotronic International is recognized as the 
worlds leading producer of interactive solutions for point of sale 
applications.  Retailers and manufacturers alike work with Videotronic to 
promote their products in retail environments using their self-manufactured 
line of professional video and computer kiosk products, now available in 
North America.

More information may be obtained by visiting their North America web site at
http://www.vtna.com.    or calling Phone 877- 767-VTNA e-mail [email protected]

Super VideoCD and MP3 players.

One of our members is arranging for a sample SVCD/MP3 player from China.. 
This player is very keenly priced at under $100.  I have always felt there 
was a huge potential market among teenagers for a combined VideoCD and 
AudioCD player on which to watch the thousands of Music videos that have been 
made and could easily be transferred to SVCD.  Several companies have tried , 
at this price this player could be the first to succeed, partly because of 
the increasing popularity of MP3.


On the other hand it could be DVD-CD-Plus. Have you ever watched a movie and 
then wanted to listen to the entire soundtrack? One DVD replication company 
is working on making that possible. 

In Valencia, California, Optical Disc Media, the DVD replicator that invented 
the first multi-angle DVD and DVD-ROM, is now working on a product that could 
entirely alter the DVD industry. The DVD-CD Plus is the first DVD ROM and 
audio disc, all-in-one. 

Erick Hansen, president of Optical Media said, "We are trying to change the 
market by combining the two formats." He later continued, "That way consumers 
can have two bangs for one buck." 

The first DVD-CD combination disc will feature the band "Gypsy Guitars" and 
will consist of a music video on one side with their album on the other. When 
asked why he chose the band for the first DVD-CD Plus, Hansen replied, "I 
liked the style of music. It is classified as world music, with Spanish 
guitars . It's really beautiful music." 

The DVD-CD Plus is scheduled to release in August for a retail price of only 

Retraction, and an apology.

In Volume 8 Issue nine, of Plug and Play we made the following statement: 
"Now the not so good news, Daikin makers of one of the best known DVD tool 
kits has had to seek financial protection while it re-organized it's 
worldwide structure…"
We have since been informed that this information was false and without any 
basis in fact.  Therefore we hereby retract the statement and apologize to 
Daikin for any damage the false report may have occasioned.
As an effort to completely clarify the situation we are pleased to include 
this press release from Daikin in full.

Daikin Industries, Ltd.  July 13, 1999.

An article in Plug & Play, Volume 8 issue 9 alleged that Daikin "has had to 
seek financial protection while it re-organized it's worldwide structure."
Daikin Industries, Ltd. would like to strongly confirm that the statement is 
totally incorrect.  Neither Daikin Industries nor its subsidiary Daikin U.S., 
has sought any such "financial protection" and has no intention or need to do 
so.  Daikin Industries remains fully committed to its DVD authoring business 
and to the expansion of its DVD technology.
To further this commitment, Daikin Industries has reorganized it Comtec 
Laboratories, a section of Daikin Industries U.S., by transferring its 
software maintenance and upgrading of existing products to its offices in 
Japan.  Daikin Industries and Daikin U.S., through it Comtec Laboratories as 
well as other facilities, will cooperate in new product development.
Marketing, sales, corporate relations and technical support of Comtec 
Laboratories is being strengthened in order to better meet the market demands 
in U.S.
Furthermore, Daikin Industries and Daikin U.S. established a new office in 
order to better meet the market demands of Daikin's partners in North 
America, Europe and Asia. Among those hired are New Business Development 
Manager Susan Agnew, European Sales Coordinator Damien D'Souza, Technical 
Manager Mark Johnson, Quality Assurance Manager Shinji Uehara, Marketing and 
New product Development Engineer Katerina Barzykina, as well as European & 
Asian Sales & Support Representatives Peter Woolston and Terence Sim.
"We are excited to have these proven, talented people join our team, " Dr. 
Panos Nasiopoulos, Director of marketing Communications for Daikin U.S.  " 
Now that we have solved the difficult technical problems of DVD authoring, we 
are ready to focus on new product development and exploration of new 
technologies as well as building an unparalleled global infrastructure in 
marketing, sales and support,  These capable people will help Daikin expand 
its role as a global business leader in the 21st century."
Before joining Daikin as new Business development Manager of Daikin U.S., 
Susan Agnew was instrumental in the establishment of Lucasfilm's THX Digital 
Mastering Program. Agnew spearheaded its quality assurance department for 
over 5 years, since its inception in 1991. Also joining Daikin U.S. is Mark 
Johnson, a renowned technical expert in the field of DVD as well as an 
award-winning author of interactive DVD titles.  Johnson, with over 8 years 
of experience in software development and interface design, will fill the 
position of Technical Manager for Daikin U.S. in charge of product design, 
and technical support.  Katerina Barzykina, well know for her research, 
publications and patents in multimedia and digital video communications, 
joins Daikin's Canadian office as a Marketing and New Products Development 
Engineer for Daikin U.S.
Damien D'Souza, new European Sales manager of Daikin U.S., brings an 
invaluable 14 years experience in information technology channel sales and 
marketing. Most recently, at Apple Computer, D'Souza was responsible for 
advancing worldwide marketing relationships between Apple and their video 
editing partners, Avid and Media 100.  New European Sales and Support 
Representative Peter Woolston, also from Apple Computer will be working along 
side D'Souza in Daikin U.S.' London, England office.
Shinji Uehara joins Daikin's Product Development team in Tokyo, Japan as 
Quality Assurance Manager for Daikin Industries, and Terence Sin joins A.C.E 
Daikin (Singapore) as the new Asian Sales & Marketing Representative.  Sim 
brings a wealth of 20 years of sales and marketing experience in the 
Asia-Pacific region.
Commenting on the new hiring, senior Vice President Operations for Daikin 
U.S., Tomoyoshi Ichioka remarked: " This represents just the beginning of an 
exciting new time for Daikin. Our products are already known throughout the 
industry for their technical excellence.  With this enthusiastic new team we 
will now be even better equipped to bring our leading software to a rapidly 
expanding DVD market."
The object of these reorganization is to ensure that Daikin Industries 
remains the leader in the DVD market and reinforce Daikin's commitment to 
providing the best services to its customers.  This will enable Daikin to 
continue its lead into the future of the DVD industry.

The Banff Centre for the Arts

Starting in a few days this center will be holding informative seminars on 
the following topics.
Producing New Media: Money and Law              July 24 - 26            
Tuition $300
Interactive Screen 9.9                                  July 28 -August 3
Tuition $700
Educational New Media: A Strategy Session       August 14 - 19          
Tuition  $400 
Navigating Intelligence: A Banff Summit                 September 10 - 12
Tuition $200   

These informative seminars are tailored to the needs of multimedia content 
creators and producers, producers working in film and television interested 
in multimedia projects, and product and software developers planning next 
generation tools for the new media industry. 
Sponsored by VIACOM Canada, Telefilm Canada and BC Film.  

If you're interested, please be sure and contact the Office of the Registrar
(1.800.565.9989 or [email protected]) to guarantee you a place.  

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a service to our members and readers. 

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