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Rocky Mountain Multimedia releases
Software, Demo, and Clip Art CD

Rocky Mountain Multimedia, Inc. is proud to announce the Rocky Mountain Multimedia Software, Demo, and Clip Art CD - a CD focusing mainly on kiosk design and implementation through their two popular kiosk software applications: the Web Kiosk Commander (the Internet kiosk software solution) and "Kiosk-in-a-Box" (the kiosk creation software for the non-programmer). Both of these software solutions are available off the CD for immediate "test spins", and both include canned demo kiosk examples.

In addition to software, the CD contains a large collection of clip art graphics geared towards kiosks and web kiosk design, and includes a variety of backgrounds, buttons, frames, insets, sounds and video clip art for kiosks and/or web pages. These graphics can be used "as is", or as the beginning foundation for the graphical components of a new kiosk implementation.

In a non-kiosk related area, the CD also includes demos of Rocky Mountain Multimedia’s CBT (Computer Based Training) solutions for clients such as CyberCash, OHM Remediation Services and Bankers Training and Consulting company. Computer based training developed by RMM has the potential for Intranet/Internet kiosk delivery.

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