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IATM and BankAtlantic Pioneer ATM Advertising in Florida



IATM (Interactive Touch Marketing) has announced it has signed a marketing agreement with BankAtlantic, whose parent is BankAtlantic Bancorp to pioneer the sale of on-screen advertisements on its on and off-premise ATM machines.


BankAtlantic, the largest bank headquartered in Florida has assests of $4.2 billion, operates 68 full-service branches and has approximately 800 installed ATMís. It has pursued the aggressive growth of its installed base of ATMís in a variety of retail locations including Wal-Marts, Kmarts, Cumberland Farms and other convenience stores, college campuses, malls and even cruise ships.


After evaluating the recent developments in ATM advertising, BankAtlantic entered into a research and development effort with IATM, a Coral Gables new media firm. " We were very impressed with both the information technology capabilities and interactive media marketing and sales expertise that IATM has demonstrated as a leading touchscreen and internet kiosk provider here in South Florida", said Chris Klein, BankAtlantic Senior V. P.- ATM Systems. IATMís principals have already sold over $1 million dollars of digital advertising to some 300 local, regional and national clients on a network of South Florida kiosks ", said Carlos Luchsinger, COO of IATM.


IATM has cooperated with BankAtlantic and one of its ATM service providers Access Cash, Inc. of Arden Hills, MN. in designing and transmitting various brands images to selected ATMís over regular phone lines. Carlos Luchsinger, COO of IATM, stated "We have demonstrated our capability by working with Access Cash to broadcast brand images to the ATM, similar to a computer screen-saver image, while the machine is not in use. Additionally, without interfering with, or prolonging, the transaction, we can present brand images during the actual transaction in the Welcome, Please Wait, and Thank You screens."


Isilio Arriaga, CEO of IATM stated, "We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with BankAtlantic on the first network of 100+ NCR ATMís located in Cumberland Farms and Amoco convenience stores. We anticipate announcing the availability of other BankAtlantic ATM networks shortly to those brands and advertising agencies we are targeting for strategic alliances. We aim to take a leading role in the introduction and promotion of this exciting option in the new media arena."


IATM is currently demonstrating the newest of new media options to brand managers and major advertising agencies in its Coral Gables headquarters. For information relative to the ATM advertising program, locations or rates, please contact Antoinette Okon or Ray Knight of IATM at 305-569-0500, email at [email protected] or [email protected] or visit the firmís online media and information site at