Press Release

OCEANSIDE,  CA., July 23, 1999 Greenland Corporation 
(OTC BB: GLCP) today reported operating activities for the
six month period ending June 30, 1999. 

Dr. Louis Montulli, CEO of Greenland Corporation, reported in a meeting 
with management, that significant operational accomplishments had 
occurred in the first six months of 1999. He indicated Greenland had 
established a production model of its automated payroll check-cashing 
machine, had installed the machine into two markets in Santa Ana, CA, 
and successfully completed beta testing on the machines. 

In April, the Company entered into its first major contract. The 
Company signed a Master Distribution Agreement with SmartCash ATM, a 
Dallas, Texas based distribution corporation, for the exclusive 
distribution of Greenland machines. The Agreement called for SmartCash 
ATM to order 385 machines in 1999, 1,200 machines in 2000 and 2,000 
machines in 2001. 

In May, as a result of the SmartCash ATM order, Greenland moved into a 
newer and larger manufacturing facility, approximately 11,000 sq. 
ft.,in Oceanside, CA. Staffing increased to 22 persons, including 
consultants, hardware and software engineers and is expected to grow 
rapidly as production demands increase. 

In June, Greenland hosted a national sales seminar for SmartCash ATM 
personnel. Distributors from across the country attended this seminar 
and have generated sales that resulted in site identification in 
California, Tennessee, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina, and 

Dr. Montulli stated, "We are very pleased with the progress of 
SmartCash ATM in locating sites for our machines and we are prepared as 
locations are secured to ramp up for high volume production to meet our 
goals for profitability by the end of the first quarter of 2000." 

Greenland Corporation is a manufacturing corporation with existing 
product and product under development. The Company is currently 
introducing an automated payroll check-cashing machine with full ATM 
functionality, and money order dispensing services. 

Future services to be included with the machine are phone cards and 
payday advance services. 

CONTACT: Ed Sano, Investor Relations Managing Director of Greenland 
Corporation, 760-414-9941 


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