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News Release

            THE TOUCH MONITOR -- JULY 2000
          A Quarterly Update on Elo TouchSystems

Welcome to The Touch Monitor, an electronic newsletter 
created to keep you informed of the latest product 
announcements, technology briefs, channel updates, and 
application notes from Elo TouchSystems, Inc. Please send 
any comments or ideas for future articles to 
[email protected] or call 800-356-8682.

Please visit our Web site at http://www.elotouch.com.

Elo TouchSystems respects your online time and privacy. If 
you no longer wish to receive this newsletter, simply 
respond with "Remove" in the subject line.

In This Issue

1.  Elo Wins "Best Customer Service" Award from 
    Dell Computers
2.  New Elo 15" LCD/PC Touchcomputer Combines Gateway Profile 
    PC with IntelliTouch Technology
3.  Entuitive Touchmonitors: The Touch is Built-in Not
4.  Elo's New Medical Grade 15" CRT Touchmonitor
5.  New Driver Updates
6.  Information on Elo TouchSystems Products Now Available 
    via On-Line Industrial Storefronts and Buyers' Guides
7.  iMac with iTouch: E-tailing with Ease
8.  Literature Update
9.  See Elo TouchSystems at Upcoming Trade Shows 

1.  Elo Wins "Best Customer Service" Award from
    Dell Computers
When the vendor awards were announced at the DellWare 
Marketing Forum 2000, Dell presented Elo with an award for 
the "Best Customer Service" amongst all of its suppliers. 
Elo also received the "Best Hardware Solutions Vendor" award 
for a Hardware Vendor providing a niche product line.

DellWare supplies third party products to complement Dell 
computer systems. DellWare sells Elo's Entuitive 
touchmonitors to clients across all sectors of Dell's 
business. Other DellWare suppliers include HP, Microsoft, 
NEC, Viewsonic and Sony amongst others.


2. New Elo 15" LCD/PC Touchcomputer Combines Gateway
   Profile PC with IntelliTouch Technology
Elo's new 15" LCD/PC Touchcomputer combines the Gateway 
Profile PC with Elo's superior IntelliTouch surface wave 
technology to deliver a desktop touch computer in a footprint 
just seven inches deep. The sleek, full-featured desktop 
computer comes with either a Pentium III 550 MHz or Celeron 
466 MHz processor and eliminates the need for a desktop or 
tower case by having everything built into its 15" 1024 x 768 
(XGA) LCD base.

Customers get the benefit of Elo's high light transmission, 
excellent durability and vandal-resistant IntelliTouch 
touchscreens in a small footprint ideal for applications 
where space is at a premium, such as self-service stations in 
retail stores, medical information and surveys, museum 
information, and security trading operations.


3.  Entuitive Touchmonitors: The Touch is Built-in Not
Ever see a house with an addition on the front? It just 
doesn't compare with the custom-built home next door. The 
same is true with touchmonitors. No matter how good the 
monitor is, adding touch is never as good as designing it in.

Try tapping on the screen. Does the screen jiggle because the 
stand is not robust? Is there that hollow sound of an 
overlay? How about the bezel? Does it fit right? Can you see 
exposed areas of the touchscreen? What happens if there is a 
problem? Who do you go to? 

Elo's new line of Entuitive touchmonitors is designed for 
touch. You get the same brilliant picture quality you have 
come to expect, along with a robust monitor design that 
stands up to the demanding requirements of touch. You also 
get Elo TouchSystems' innovative touch technology, award 
winning support and service excellence.

Don't settle for touch as an add-on--specify an Entuitive 


Details of the full range of Entuitive touchmonitors can be 
found in the new May 2000 Entuitive Touchmonitors Product 
Catalogue, available on-line. The new 58-page catalogue also 
includes information on Elo's touch technologies and a 
section on how to choose the right display type for your 


4.  Elo's New Medical Grade 15" CRT Touchmonitor
Elo has introduced a new medical grade 15" CRT touchmonitor 
that is UL 2601-1 classified and outfitted with AccuTouch 
five-wire resistive touchscreen technology. The new, 
competitively priced medical grade monitor offers the 
simplest, most direct way for medical professionals to 
interact with medical equipment and computers. Elo's medical 
grade 15" CRT touchmonitor meets UL2601-1 and cUL agency 
safety standards, and the inherent durability and accuracy of 
the AccuTouch touchscreen stands up to long term use, 
frequent cleaning and potential liquid spills. AccuTouch can 
be activated with a gloved hand or soft stylus, another 
critical capability for medical applications.

For more information, go to:

5.  New Driver Updates
MonitorMouse for Windows 2000
Elo has released version 1.00 of the MonitorMouse for Windows 
2000 serial touchmonitor driver designed for use with 
Microsoft's Windows 2000. This first release features a 
native 32-bit driver, new setup program, updated Universal 
Control Panel (UCPL) and Video Alignment (VA) program, 
uninstall utility, and diagnostic applications for use with 
single Elo TouchSystems' touchmonitors.

New USB Driver for Windows 98 and Windows 2000
This new driver updates and replaces the previous USB Tool 
for Windows 98. Version 1.00 of the new USB Driver for 
Windows 98 and Windows 2000 features a setup program, video 
alignment (Elo VA) program, uninstall utility, and 32-bit 
control panel program. It is compatible with all Elo's USB 
touchmonitors and USB touchscreen controllers.


6. Information on Elo Products Now Available through
   On-Line Industrial Storefronts and Buyers' Guides
Information on Elo products and services is now available 
through a growing number of the popular industrial sites 
visited by our customers. Elo's products and services are now 
available via these on-line Buyer's Guides and Storefronts.

Plant Automation Magazine -- http://www.plantautomation.com and 
click on "Product Information".

IAN Magazine -- http://www.ianmag.com and click on "On-Line 
Company Storefronts".

Control Engineering Magazine -- http://www.controleng.com and 
click on "Human-Machine Interface".

ISA Directory -- http://www.isadirectory.org and click on 
either "manufacturers" or "products".

7.  Elo's iMac with iTouch: E-tailing with Ease
First Wave is a developer of turnkey interactive kiosk 
display systems to the retail market. One of the main issues 
they've faced when selling systems into businesses is cost. 
However, the low price-point yet feature rich iMac with 
iTouch has solved that problem -- and provided the ideal 
Internet interface.

A major, nationwide seasonal retailer enlisted First Wave's 
expertise in setting up in-store "e-tailing" interactive 
displays. Using information downloaded from the retailer's 
Web site, First Wave created a product database and added the 
ability to order and pay for the items at the iMac with 
iTouch. The e-tailing system allows the company to offer 
walk-in customers products not available in the store. And, 
the company was able to reduce the number of employees it 
needed to hire to cover the holiday rush because the 
interactive iMac with iTouch can offer access hundreds of 
products and display detailed information about those 
products in an intuitive, easy-to-use format.

For more information about this and other examples of iMac 
with iTouch in the retail market, go to: 

8.  Elo Literature Update
Elo's new CarrollTouch Infrared Touchscreen product flyer 
contains a wealth of information about this popular 
touchscreen technology. The new flyer--reference ELO555--is 
available via 1-888-FAX-ME-ELO or from our Web site at: 

9.  See Elo at Upcoming Trade Shows and Events
October 18-20: 
World Gaming 2000
Las Vegas, NV.
Booth #445

November 13-17: 
Comdex/Fall 2000
Las Vegas, NV.
Booth #L5402

Elo TouchSystems, Inc.
6500 Kaiser Drive
Fremont, CA 9455
800-ELO-TOUCH (356-8682)
Tel: 650-361-2505
Fax: 650-361-5579
[email protected]

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