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Spyglass today announced a strategic agreement with Riverbed Technologies
that will introduce Spyglass Prism to mainstream enterprise computing.
Spyglass Prism is an Internet content delivery platform that optimizes Web
content for viewing on various handheld devices. Riverbed, the developers of
the ScoutWare mobile enterprise software suite, will incorporate Spyglass
Prism technology to add Internet connectivity to their overall strategy of
extending business information systems to mobile workers.

        Mobile workers will now be capable of accessing the Web to obtain
mission-critical information from handheld computing devices. For instance,
sales people at remote locations can gather product listings found on their
company's intranet page.  Similarly, workers on the factory floor can use
their mobile devices to instantaneously update inventory information located
on a back-end server. Other benefits resulting from data synchronization
will be greater work efficiency, as paperwork is reduced and time-consuming
calls from field to office are eliminated.

Overall, the partnership between Spyglass and Riverbed presents IT
organizations with the ability to provide their workers with access to
corporate applications and intranets from any location via a handheld device
-- a truly connected solution that has limitless potential. 

To find out more about the Spyglass/Riverbed partnership or about mobile
data solutions in general, please call Erica LeBorgne, Spyglass public
relations coordinator, at 630-245-6624.  Media members are strongly
encouraged to set up an interview time with Jack Armstrong, Spyglass
director of mobile data services, to get the inside story on how changes in
the information appliance market will transform the work force.  

Riverbed and Spyglass Partner to Deliver Powerful Web-enabled Mobile
Enterprise Software Solution

ScoutWeb Adapts Web Content for Handheld Devices and Internet Appliances

Vienna, Va. and Naperville, Ill. - Monday, July 26, 1999 - In a strategic
move to bring mobile Internet solutions to mainstream enterprise computing,
Riverbed Technologies Inc. and Spyglass Inc. (NASDAQ: SPYG) today jointly
announced a worldwide license agreement.  Under the terms of the agreement,
Riverbed will incorporate Spyglass Prism technology with its ScoutWare
mobile enterprise software family to improve the effectiveness of handheld
devices and information appliances in enterprise deployments.

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