Press Release

     Elo CE NEWS : 
     Our current release Windows CE touch driver is also compatible with 
     Microsoft's current 2.11 version of Windows CE. No changes to the 
     driver or OEM installation instructions were necessary to make it 
     work. Elo's CE touch driver is compatible with Microsoft's latest 
     Windows CE Platform Builder 2.11 used by embedded systems developers. 
     Elo CE driver Compatibility matrix:
     MonitorMouse for Windows CE 2.1 (x86) Development Kit, Version 1.00 
     Compatible with x86 target OS builds created by both:
     - Microsoft Window CE Embedded Toolkit, Version 2.1
     - Microsoft Windows CE Platform Builder, Version 2.11
     (Microsoft changed the name of this tool when they released 2.11)

Thanks Kinetic!

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