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MicroTouch Launches TouchStation, the Touch-Enabled Apple iMac,

Featuring High-Durability ClearTek 3000 Touchscreen and USB Controller

Strong Demand Seen in Interactive Kiosk and Education Markets

METHUEN, Mass. (July 21, 1999) – MicroTouch Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MTSI), the world leader in touch-input solutions, today introduced TouchStation, the industry’s most durable touch-enabled Apple iMac.

TouchStation features MicroTouch’s ClearTek 3000 capacitive touchscreen and USB controller, which are fully integrated into the iMac without compromising the system’s aesthetic design, high performance, or screen viewing area. Because of its high durability and reliability in harsh environments, ClearTek 3000 is the world’s most popular touchscreen for public-access applications, including self-service kiosks, ATMs, and gaming machines.

TouchStation brings a new level of ease-of-use to the iMac, making it ideal for "out-of-the-box" interactive multimedia kiosks in retail, business, government, and entertainment markets. MicroTouch also expects high demand for TouchStation in education because the intuitive touch interface simplifies computer use by children and learning-challenged students.

MicroTouch is launching TouchStation this week at MacWorld in New York, where it is demonstrating the system running Kiosk Communicator, an innovative product from First Wave, Inc., of Scottsdale, AZ. Kiosk Communicator is the first simple, quick, reliable, and inexpensive software system for developing and operating interactive multimedia displays and kiosks.

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"The growing success of the Apple iMac in several of our target markets around the world has spurred demand for a touch-enabled iMac system. We are justifiably proud to be the first touchscreen manufacturer to offer a custom iMac solution that combines high durability with an uncompromising design," said Janet Muto, MicroTouch vice president of marketing. "We’re also pleased to be working with First Wave to position TouchStation as an affordable, self-contained, touch-enabled kiosk that is ready to plug in and use by businesses and organizations of all sizes, in all markets."

First Wave’s innovative Kiosk Communicator is an off-the-shelf multimedia browser designed especially for touchscreen use and kiosk applications in any vertical market.
"The combination of TouchStation and Kiosk Communicator is an especially powerful yet affordable kiosk solution for retailers," said John Glitsos, president of First Wave. "The reasonable cost and futuristic look of the iMac make it an ideal touchscreen station for consumers. Its G3 processor delivers stunning multimedia content, including digital audio and video from the Internet."

TouchStation systems will be available from MicroTouch in September in all five dazzling iMac colors: strawberry, blueberry, grape, tangerine and lime. Suggested list price is $2,085, with discounts for resellers and on volume purchases, and a "pre-production special" price of $1885. TouchStation units will carry the full Apple warranty on all parts and services.

TouchStation consists of the standard Apple iMac configuration, including a 333MHz PowerPC G3 processor, 64MB SDRAM, 6GB hard disk drive, 24x CD-ROM drive, built-in 56K modem, 10/100Base-Tx Ethernet, two built-in12Mbps USB ports, and the Mac operating system, and will be pre-configured with the MicroTouch USB touchscreen controller.

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The ClearTek 3000 touchscreen sensors are fully integrated, sealed, and bonded to the TouchStation CRT to provide extraordinary durability against physical abuse, dirt, liquids, weather, and other contaminants. ClearTek 3000 also has a proprietary glass surface treatment that provides exceptional protection against scratches and vandalism.

About MicroTouch

MicroTouch is the leading worldwide vendor of touch-input solutions for virtually every application. For public access and business systems, the company offers its highly durable ClearTek 3000 capacitive and TouchTek5 5-wire resistive touchscreens and touch-enabled monitors. For mobile professional and consumer products, MicroTouch offers TouchTek4 4-wire resistive touchscreens. For specialty applications, the company offers TouchTekDM digital matrix touchscreens. The MicroTouch Business Products Division is the U.S. market leader in touch-enabled digital whiteboards. Its Ibid product line has earned awards from several leading trade publications. Factura Kiosks, a MicroTouch division in Rochester, N.Y., is the leading U.S. supplier of kiosk enclosures, specializing in creative design, engineering and manufacturing. The MicroTouch Specialty Products Group in Austin, Texas, focuses on the development of analog resistive and digital matrix resistive touchscreens. MicroTouch operates, an Internet-based electronic commerce site devoted exclusively to the sale of touchscreen monitors and related products. Founded in 1982, MicroTouch reported sales of $144.4 million in 1998. The company’s Web site is

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