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Trademart Technologies Unveils New Corporate Logo and Web Site Design

New design demonstrates products and services while displaying a new corporate image

August 3, 2000

LONDON, ON - TrademartTM Technologies unveiled a bold new corporate identity with the release of their new logo and web site design. At the new www.trademartgroup.com, visitors will find a company on the leading edge of component-based software development, with an exciting new look to match.

The new web site is the result of a collaborative effort by Trademart and marketing communications firm Designmode Communications. The web site was designed to be more intuitive, easier to navigate, and more visually engaging. It successfully marries aesthetic appeal and functionality, effectively serving all audiences, from existing customers to potential new customers, investors, and the press.

According to Greg Salmela, Partner, Design Director of Designmode Communications, the new corporate web site is "an extension of the company's communications strategy, designed to convey an organization that is significant, dynamic, international and a market leader through well-organized space and content, dynamic graphics applied with restraint, and a consistent message that supports the company's brand."

"Our new web site and logo are a more accurate reflection of the leading edge nature of our people, company, products and services. We will continue to invest in our site as it becomes our primary delivery vehicle for software, services and information," said Bob Maloley, President and CEO of Trademart.

About Trademart Technologies Inc.

Trademart is a company with roots established over 15 years in the software development business. Trademart is a world leader in Component Framework Technology. The company has recently developed a leading edge software platform that is aimed squarely at improving user productivity and leverages the explosive growth in activity surrounding the convergence of Internet (WEB), Windows and Legacy applications on the corporate desktop as well as at various customer-facing venues such as kiosks. "TaskCenterTM is Trademart's flagship product for the corporate desktop and provides an extensive list of benefits that yield an almost instant ROI.

"Objectives for Retail"TM product set is a turnkey solution for the rapid development and deployment of customer service solutions such as POS, service desk, etc. This product includes drag & drop development and design wizards, robust business objects, as well as a library of reusable business extensions.

Trademart is a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider. Its products support the latest Microsoft operating systems, architectures and tools. For more information, visit Trademart Technologies on the Internet at www.trademartgroup.com.

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