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News Release

SiteKiosk 4.5 - the Secure Internet Kiosk Browser, Issue August 2000

  1. SiteKiosk 4.5 - Test if for free!
  2. Cooperation with SIEMENS
  3. Relaunch of http://www.sitekiosk.com
  4. Stability Test for Kiosk Browsers


Please download our new evaluation copy SiteKiosk Version 4.5 Release #06 from our server at http://www.sitekiosk.com . The update is free and the license keys of 4.0 are fine for 4.5.

SiteKiosk 3.0 and 4.0 still had some weak points, which enabled access to the system files. Users of SiteCoach should definitely update, since the old version of the SiteCoach module includes a bug.

The following functions have been added or changed:

  • Run Programs and Play Games
    Now it is possible to control other applications or to run Directx games within SiteKiosk. These programs will be closed if the screensaver is activated or the surf session is over. The programs appear in a special SiteKiosk taskbar and can be minimized, maximized, etc.
  • New Keyboard Drivers (also for Win95/98)
    We developed a new keyboard driver for Sitekiosk. Now it is possible to block system critical keycombinations WHILE booting, even under Win95/98. Together with SiteKiosk Shellreplacement a big shield against manipulations. These new drivers enable it also to run DirectX games because it is not possible to access CTRL-ALT-DEL.
  • Improved Window Management
    The dialog- and window management was redone completely. The new development now allows you to control all dialogs, windows and sub windows. You can now, for example, play RealAudio files even though all other file downloads are blocked
  • Memory Watcher
    SiteKiosk now includes a memory watcher. We noticed that several websites do not release memory after unloading (in the IE as well). These memory leaks could cause SiteKiosk to fail. The memory watcher will close SiteKiosk and restart it in case of memory problems.
  • TILT Modus
    SiteKiosk now offers a TILT mode which blocks the terminal for 30 seconds in case that to many prohibited actions were recognized in a short period of time. This mode will be activated if i.e. the user attempts to downloaded prohibited files 6 times within 30 seconds.
  • Printing
    As an alternative SiteKiosk offers now the normal IE Printdialog for printing.
  • and much more...


Due to internal restructuring, Siemens has decided to stop any further development of their kiosk browser WEBFACER. Instead, they decided to use another established product.

After extensive research, SiteKiosk was chosen out of numerous products due to its superior quality. We want to take this opportunity to thank the Siemens Business Service for their trust in our product and us.

Due to this cooperation, we will improve and extend SiteKiosk's functions extensively within the next months. This will be done in order to suit the old Siemens customers's needs, as well as to strengthen our position as the global leader in Internet Kiosk Software development.

For more information on the replacement of the product, please refer to the internet sites of Siemens http://www.siemens.de/sbs/en/offerings/services/st/sub_1e/sub_12e/webfacer/index.html

3. RELAUNCH OF http://www.sitekiosk.com

We present our websites in a new outfit. We hope that this will supply you with the desired information even faster. Please visit our new website at http://www.sitekiosk.com.


Internet Kiosk browsers primary job is to protect the operating system from unauthorized access. At the same time, a Kiosk browser should offer the user the same comfort and availability of functions which he is used to from normal browsers. This includes the support of Java-Script as well as the option of surfing in several windows at the same time.

Therefore we developed a special stability and function page to check if a Kiosk browser offers these functions without crashing it or allowing access to the operating system. A Kiosk browser has to be capable of functioning properly at all times (reduces the need of maintenance).

You will find the page at: http://www.sitekiosk.com/th_crash

Thanks for.. having taken the time to read this mail. You can also visit our website at http://www.sitekiosk.com. Please do not hesitate to contact in case that you have any further questions.

Best regards,

SiteKiosk Developer Team [email protected]

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