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News Release

WildTangent and iSyndicate Sign Agreement To Distribute Content Across 250,000 Affiliate Sites WildTangent's cutting-edge content will generate additional revenue, traffic & branding for iSyndicate's customer sites

Redmond, WA - August 7, 2000 - WildTangent and iSyndicate, The Content Marketplace, today announced that they have entered into a strategic distribution relationship. As a result of this agreement, iSyndicate's customers will have access to WildTangent's leading, interactive gaming and entertainment content, and Wild Tangent will join iSyndicate's list of brand-name content providers such as CNET, Rolling Stone, CNBC and The Associated Press.

By using WildTangent's Web Driverô technology, the company's team of leading-edge developers creates interactive entertainment and gaming content which goes far beyond today's static Web pages. The Web Driver's unique compression technology allows interactive multimedia content to be streamed and cached on a user's machine with minimal wait. Not forcing users to wait for broadband technology, WildTangent's content is also accessible with all connections. The average user's 56k modem can access CD-Rom quality content today.

"Through our agreement with iSyndicate, a huge group of consumers will have access to WildTangent's interactive, high resolution gaming content," said Dave Madden, executive vice president of strategic relationships. "As WildTangent's technology continues to become the Internet's premier multimedia platform, our relationship with companies like iSyndicate demonstrates the increasing popularity and viability of this kind of online entertainment."

"We are pleased to partner with WildTangent to distribute their compelling interactive and 3D games to our content partners' audiences," said Joel Maske, President and CEO of iSyndicate. "At iSyndicate, our strength is maximizing the value of the content we syndicate. We strive to remain one of the Internet's innovators by staying ahead of the trends and giving our customers access to the most cutting-edge content."

iSyndicate's sophisticated technology enables it to take any digital element and transmit it across its worldwide network of over 250,000 sites. iSyndicate offers the best and broadest selection of content from over 1000 sources - from individual content creators serving niche interests, to the most recognized and popular brands like, AccuWeather, The Associated Press, Business Wire, CBSSportsLine.com, CNET, CNBC, HealthScout, Rolling Stone, etc. The content available through iSyndicate covers virtually every category, topic, and type found on the Web today, such as, breaking news, feature articles, product reviews, commentary, sports scores, stock quotes, comics, puzzles, games, weather, photos, and rich media including full-motion video, and music.

Core benefits of using iSyndicate include, driving e-commerce initiatives, developing a "stickier" site environment, and enhancing the quality of the experience for a site's visitors.


Note to editors:
For more information regarding WildTangent and WildTangent technologies, contact: Paige Young, public relations manager, 425.882.7963, ext. 20 or visit the WildTangent Web site at http://www.wildtangent.com. For additional information about the ESRI, contact Karen Hurlbut, marketing communications manager, at phone: 909-793-2853, ext. 1-1582 or via e-mail at [email protected] All third-party products mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective owners.

About WildTangent:
Founded in 1998, WildTangent (http://www.wildtangent.com) is a privately held company located in Redmond, Washington, which pursues the vision of building a richer, more communicative Internet experience through the use of 3D graphics, sound, animation, and interactivity. Additional product downloads and information, as well as developer resources, are posted on the WildTangent Web site at http://www.wildtangent.com.

About iSyndicate (http://www.isyndicate.com)
iSyndicate, The Content Marketplace, is the leading provider of dynamic and relevant Web content designed to help drive commerce and build community on the Internet. Today, the company aggregates, packages, integrates and delivers a breadth of content including audio, video, animations, interactive games, comics and weather from more than 1000 trusted sources, including, The Associated Press, CBS SportsLine, CNBC, CNET, Reuters, Rolling Stone, Salon.com and Time, all in real-time. This content is made available by iSyndicate to over 250,000 customers, including, Citibank, Fidelity, OmniSky, Nortel Networks, Nintendo, Wells Fargo, and Xoom.com. iSyndicate supports the ICE (Information & Content Exchange) standard based on XML among a variety of others for all of its content.

iSyndicate is based in San Francisco with offices in New York and London, and is backed by leading venture capital firms Scripps Ventures and Labrador Ventures; investment bank Chase Hambrecht & Quist; Internet leaders Infospace.com and Vignette Corporation; NBC (GE), Microsoft and News Corporation; and individual investors.

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