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XcelleNet, Inc
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Netkey, Inc.
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XcelleNet and Netkey Collaborate to Deliver
World-Class Kiosk Management Solution

Industry Leaders Address Growing Retail Need for Convenient and Cost -Effective Management of Self-Service Technology

ATLANTA and BRANFORD, Conn. (August 6, 2001)- XcelleNet, Inc., the leading provider of management solutions for remote systems and mobile & wireless devices, today announced it has entered into a strategic alliance with Netkey, Inc., the leading provider of software for kiosks and managed PCs to develop and deliver the first effective, centralized, and scalable remote management solution for the growing self-service industry. As retailers from large department stores to supermarket chains and financial institutions continue to improve customer service and convenience by delivering interaction and services via kiosks, the need to cost-effectively manage these units is greater than ever. The combination of these two leading technologies will provide customers an innovative solution for the development and management of self-service devices.

Drawing on more than 14 years of expertise in the remote systems management market, XcelleNet's RemoteWare is a remote systems management solution for chain and franchise retailers and restaurants, as well as distributed branch office and kiosk environments. Netkey's award winning family of software products which provide rich development environments and highly scalable server management suites for kiosks and other self-service devices, include the patented Netkey Creator and Netkey Manager authoring, design and development and content management tools.

"The combination of XcelleNet's proven remote management solutions with Netkey's kiosk development applications enables enterprises to create and manage customized kiosks," said Alex Richardson, chief executive officer of Netkey. "Netkey and XcelleNet are committed to creating the most advanced market-ready self-service applications and technologies for emerging businesses opportunities."

The retail kiosk segment is poised for growth; analysts predict the total interactive kiosk market will grow to $3.2 billion by 2006.

"XcelleNet has recognized the need for remote management solutions in the fast-growing but fragmented retail, hospitality, healthcare and travel industry kiosks," said Joan Herbig, CEO of XcelleNet. "Through this collaborative alliance with Netkey, we look forward to building and maintaining market leadership in the exploding kiosk arena by producing innovative technologies that provide our clients with sustainable, competitive advantage."

About RemoteWare
RemoteWare is a powerful systems management solution that allows businesses to automate the distribution of software, collection of hardware and software asset information, and exchange of critical business data and content across far-flung remote locations. With features that support a variety of low and high-bandwidth

networking schemes such as dial-up, frame relay, and VSAT, RemoteWare helps move critical software and content efficiently, reliably and securely between a corporate location and thousands of remote sites such as retail stores, branch offices and unattended kiosks. At the same time, RemoteWare reduces communications and systems management costs, increases IT service levels and minimizes end-user involvement in management tasks. With RemoteWare, IT administrators can control an entire network of remote systems from a central location. Whether an enterprise's remote sites are regional, national or located around the world, RemoteWare's core capabilities provide the essential communication and session automation to address specific needs, including the ability to:

  • Deploy applications enterprise-wide or to a select group of locations
  • Capture and store hardware and software asset information
  • Schedule and conduct unattended outbound polling sessions
  • Deploy, automate and manage virus detection software
  • Deliver and manage content enterprise-wide
  • Provide centralized troubleshooting through remote control and diagnostics
  • Optimize available bandwidth
  • Support a wide variety of network connection transports and protocols
  • Offer robust configuration options
  • Provide a detailed audit trail with logging and reporting


About Netkey

Netkey, Inc., the leading provider of software for kiosks and managed PCs, enables businesses to increase customer satisfaction by providing information and services to

customers via the Web, at kiosks located in stores and at other convenient locations. Netkey's software suite has become the authoring platform of choice for developers and

systems integrators across the globe. Frost & Sullivan ranks Netkey as "the premier provider of kiosk software." Netkey's customers include Yahoo!, J.C. Penney Co., Microsoft, E*Trade, Borders Group. Inc, Fidelity Investments, Ford Motor Co. and Service Merchandise. Founded in 1983, Netkey is headquartered in Branford, Conn., and has satellite offices in New York and San Diego. Netkey holds U.S. Patents for its browser kiosk system and for its peripheral integration software for browser kiosk systems. For more information on Netkey, please visit us on the Web at www.netkey.com.

About XcelleNet

XcelleNet, Inc. is the leading provider of enterprise solutions for managing remote systems and mobile & wireless devices. For more than 14 years, the company has been a pioneer in meeting the challenges of securely delivering and maintaining mission-critical applications and content to remote locations with its flagship product, RemoteWareÒ . Today companies around the world use RemoteWare to manage kiosks, retail and restaurant store systems, branch office networks, and other remote systems.

Leveraging remote expertise and award-winning technology, in May 2000 XcelleNet introduced AfariaÔ , a device management solution designed to address the problems enterprises face as a result of the explosive growth of the mobile & wireless economy. Afaria provides the most comprehensive management functionality available for organizations deploying large numbers of mobile devices, including laptops, PocketPCs, Palm Handhelds, RIM Blackberrys, and Symbian devices and smart phones.

XcelleNet serves some 2,500 customers worldwide in a broad range of industries such as pharmaceutical, retail, hospitality, insurance, financial services and manufacturing. The company's solutions reduce total cost of ownership of remote or mobile deployments, accelerate end-user productivity and ensure the availability and reliability of corporate applications and information to an organization's remote and mobile workforce. More information is available at http://www.XcelleNet.com and http://www.Afaria.com.




XcelleNet and RemoteWare are trademarks of XcelleNet, Inc. Afaria is a trademark of Afaria, Inc. XcelleNet and Afaria make no claims of ownership to all other products and company names mentioned herein which may be the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.


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