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OCEANSIDE,  CA., August 5, 1999 - Greenland Corporation 
(OTC BB: GLCP) today reported that it had finalized the sale 
and placement locations of 90 SmartCash ATMs. 

Dr. Louis Montulli, CEO of Greenland Corporation, reported that 
Greenland Corporation, in conjunction with its exclusive national 
distributor, SmartCash ATM Ltd. of Dallas, Texas, had consummated the 
sale of 90 SmartCash ATMs to be placed at site locations in California, 
Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. 

Dr. Montulli stated, "The Company, as a result of launching an 
aggressive national sales and marketing program, and through prior 
efforts of identifying specific site locations, has consummated the 
sale of 90 SmartCash ATMs scheduled for delivery commencing September 
and continuing through December. The first three machines will be 
installed in Perris and San Francisco, California. The placement of two 
machines in San Francisco, California, are particularly significant 
because they are with the National Association of Korean Markets, which 
represents approximately 4,000 member stores throughout the United 
States. SmartCash ATM Ltd. has an exclusive arrangement with the Korean 
markets for purchases of 10 machines in September and 10 machines in 

He further noted, "The majority of the sales are related to commitments 
for volume purchases from distributors with exclusive arrangements with 
SmartCash ATM Ltd., including Cabe & Cato, an Atlanta, Georgia based 
company, Classic Concepts, an Elloree, South Carolina based company, 
Reno ATM and Post-Dated Check Express, Nevada based companies and the 
Money Marketing, a New Jersey based Korean company. Each have committed 
to purchase between 8-14 machines per month, in addition to their 
initial machine purchases included in this 90 unit order, to maintain 
their territorial exclusivity." 

"The sale of these 90 machines has either been financed through leasing 
arrangements with SmartCash Leasing (an affiliate of SmartCash ATM 
Ltd.), for which the purchaser has been approved, or required to place 
a 50% down payment and the balance due prior to shipment. The Company 
received its first cash sale in Atlanta Georgia." 

Dr. Montulli further stated, "These sales represent the first step in 
filling the purchase order for 385 machines submitted by SmartCash ATM 
Ltd., in the second quarter of this year, and are a result of the first 
three months of a joint marketing program by the Greenland and 
SmartCash ATM Ltd. team. Clearly, these sales represent a very positive 
market acceptance of the SmartCash ATM machine." 

Greenland Corporation is a manufacturing corporation with existing 
product and product under development. The Company is currently 
introducing an automated payroll check-cashing machine with full ATM 
functionality, and money order dispensing services. Future services to 
be included with the machine are phone cards and payday advance 

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