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Darwin Networks Partners With Fun e-Business

To Improve Web Access For Public Internet Access Users

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY - August 9, 2000 -Darwin Networks, a leading provider of high-speed Internet access and networks solutions, recently enhanced the functionality of its public Internet access kiosks by partnering with Fun e-Business, the only nationwide provider of public access entertainment and communications products that use the Internet to interactively deliver games, music and information.

Darwin Networks' proprietary operating system software will enable people - regardless of their experience maneuvering in cyberspace - to more easily access tournament-style games, the Internet and information customized by location from Fun e-Business's Fun e-Stations. Additionally, Darwin Networks will power Fun e-Business Internet stations with its private, nationwide network and offer the company access to its technicians and Network Operations Center, which continuously monitors network connections every seven seconds. In return, Fun e-Business will provide enriched game and entertainment content for consumers through Darwin Network's public Internet access kiosks, giving users more choices for fun and information.

The partnership will enhance hundreds of multifunctional public Internet kiosks at airports, corporate lobbies and other locations in more than 44 cities from Boston to San Diego.

"Fun e-Business' relationship with Darwin Networks will allow us to provide a dramatically better experience for everyday people who use our Internet stations to surf the Web, check email, or just have a good time with their friends," said Ed Bevilacqua, chief executive officer of Fun e-Business. "By combining our core competencies and providing a broader reach for our advertisers, everybody wins -- including the consumers who rely on our products for connectivity, communications and entertainment."

The two companies also have developed a reciprocal advertising relationship that allows advertisers to reach target audiences through more than 700 Darwin Networks and Fun e-Business Internet kiosks.

"Darwin Networks saw an opportunity to combine the technical strength of our company with the great content Fun e-Business offers to provide a better experience for people accessing the Internet in public places," said Eric T. Wagner, founder of Darwin Network's Public Access Division. "Our relationship is very synergistic and will enable each of our companies to focus on what it does best to improve public Internet access across the board."

This agreement further boosts Darwin Networks' position as a leader in the public Internet access kiosk market. In a deal last month, Darwin Networks acquired the entire kiosk portfolio of San Francisco's Internet Terminal Machine (ITM), giving Darwin operating rights to all of ITM's pay-per-use kiosks in hotels, apartment complexes, office buildings and various public places throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

About Fun e-Business(TM):

Fun e-Business(TM) is the only nationwide provider of public access entertainment and communications products that use the Internet to interactively deliver games, music and information. Content providers include mp3.com, Liquid Audio and Cupid's Web. Strategic partners include US West. The company has headquarters in San Diego with additional offices in Las Vegas and Dallas. For more information about Fun e-Business, call 888/385-4FUN.

About Darwin Networks:

Darwin Networks provides high speed Internet access and network solutions to small and medium-sized businesses; office, flex, industrial and retail properties; apartment, condominium and student housing complexes; hotels and telephone companies; using various wireless and wireline technologies. The company has agreements in place and in progress to launch services in approximately 1,500 locations in over 40 states and Canada. The Louisville, Kentucky-based company offers a full complement of marketing and support services, including training, to assist business owners, property managers and their staffs in marketing and implementing these new services.

Additionally, Darwin is the nation's premier provider of public Internet access kiosks. To date, the company has installed hundreds of units throughout the country, in hotels, restaurants, tourist/travel centers, cafes, airports, and more. The company also produces, installs and operates multimedia kiosks designed for retail/eCommerce, interactive information distribution, communications, entertainment, advertising and other uses.

Darwin Networks has corporate offices in Louisville, KY, Seattle, WA and Boston, MA Walnut Creek and San Diego, CA. The company's investors include Broadband Solutions, LLC (led by Chrysalis Ventures, LLC), Paul Allen's Vulcan Ventures, Richland Ventures, River Cities Capital and associates of Moore Capital. For more information about Darwin Networks, please visit www.darwin.net.

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