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Input Technologies


Input Technologies and Advanced Input Devices introduce the first TRUE anti-vandal keyboard designed for OEM integration

August 11, 2000 - Colorado Springs, Colorado - Input Technologies, LLC of Colorado Springs, Colorado and Advanced Input Devices (AID) of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho announced today that Input Technologies will be distributing AID's newest technology, under Input Technologies product name the EclipseKeyboardÔ which has been designed as a true anti-vandal keyboard solution.

The EclipseKeyboardÔ was designed to combat a variety of areas in which other keyboard technologies cannot accommodate. The keyboard utilizes a highly engineered technology, which results in a keyboard that not only has a metal bezel, but also metal key-caps with a touch type tactile feel. This approach eliminates susceptibility to keys being removed, cut with pocketknives, and even melted with cigarette lighters.

"Our customers came back time and time again stating that existing technologies were not durable enough for the rigors imposed by public kiosk deployments or highly harsh environments." Noted Kurtis Van Kampen, President of Input Technologies, he added "We took feedback provided by our clients and other companies in our markets and embarked on a project to solve these long standing problems."

In addition to the highly durable construction, the product also features a design specifically laid out for OEM integrators in under panel mounting vs. other approaches, which require secondary brackets or sub assemblies. The keyboard sports laser etched legends instead of traditionally printed characters on the keys. This approach ensures that the characters on the keycaps will not wear off over time as other printing methods have experienced. Lastly, the keyboards are sealed, meaning that a user could spill liquid directly on the surface during operation without concern for the functionality of the keyboard.

"Through feedback provided by its markets, Input Technologies observed a need to provide a reliable keyboard for use in public access areas," said Chris Newman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at AID. "By utilizing AID's proprietary technology, we have been able to produce a product that achieves a higher level of durability for the industries in which Input Technologies sells to. It also provides technology that AID can offer our customers who require these durability levels in complex and custom assemblies. This is truly a revolutionary breakthrough in industrial input solutions."

Input Technologies is currently accepting "engineering sample" orders from its clients with shipping anticipated to begin in September, with full production to follow. Street price of this keyboard is projected in the range from $339.00 to $369.00 depending on quantity.

Advanced Input Devices designs, develops and manufactures custom and complex keyboards and control systems for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Their design and manufacturing capabilities extend from single station keypads to full, multifunction input subsystems, incorporating keypads, cursor control devices, displays, touch screens and audio feedback.

Input Technologies is the exclusive provider of "standard" products from AID, whereas AID focuses on highly custom and complex requirements for keyboarding and control systems.

Working together, Input Technologies and AID are leading their industries by providing the most intuitive, user friendly and most durable input solutions available today.

Input Technologies, L.L.C. is a privately held Colorado Limited Liability Corporation that provides Original Equipment Manufacturers industrial grade keyboarding solutions, cursor control devices and 2.4Ghz wireless communication technologies.



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