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  Press Release

What if there were a graphic symbol recognized worldwide -- in every language -- that meant "ATM Here"?

Well now there IS one! See the design for the first time at the ATM Industry Association's conference in London next month.

Optimising ATMs in Britain and Europe
18th-19th September 2001
Royal Lancaster Hotel, London, UK

In addition to the announcement of the winner of the international ATM pictogram competition, this historic ATM show features:

  • The launch of the ATM Advertising Board for Europe
  • An expert assessment of the impact of the Euro conversion in 2002 on European ATMs
  • A panel discussion on the key ATM technology drivers today and in future
  • A panel discussion on the dynamics of surcharging and interchange fees in the UK and Europe
  • Sold out ATM exhibition
  • Open members meeting
  • ATM European regulatory update
  • Several European and UK case studies

Following 2-3 years behind the huge USA ATM revolution, the ATM market in the UK is in the process of doubling, with many European markets, in Eastern and Central Europe, set to follow, as the convenience ATM spreads out across the continent. If you want to find out what is happening from numerous experts and industry insiders, register online at: http://www.trademediagroup.com/london2001 or e-mail Dana Fullerton at [email protected] ATMIA members are entitled to significant discounts; join now at http://www.atmia.com, for North America or Canada or at http://www.atmiaeurope.com for the rest of the world.

See you there!
Michael Lee
Executive Director, International
ATMIA Europe


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