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  Notes From Telpar

Advantages of Telpar Thermal Printers over other printing technologies in Kiosk, ATM, and other unattended printing applications.

  1. The Telpar kiosk printers incorporate a large capacity roll of paper equivalent to as much as 1200 8.5 X 11 inch sheets of paper. The advantage is that other technologies such as laser use stacks of cut sheets with much less capacity that must be serviced more frequently.
  2. The use of roll paper can also reduce the amount of paper used and improve performance by printing a page equal to the length necessary to present the printed information. (For example, if a document is equal to 14 inches of text a graphic information, sheet feed printers require two full pages or 22 inches of paper where the roll design can print, cut and deliver a 14-inch page.)
  3. Cut sheet printers require a mechanical device to feed individual sheets of paper into the printer. This creates the opportunity to mis-feed or jam a piece of paper requiring a service call to clear the problem.
  4. Thermal printing is much more reliable because thermal printing technology requires very few moving parts. The Telpar design allows the paper to move through the printer in a straight path reducing the opportunity for paper jams.
  5. Thermal Printing Technology provides for instant printing on command. No warm-up time is required for the first page. Laser printers can take 20 seconds or more to start printing the first page. This is very important for kiosk applications because the consumer will not wait and therefore will be unhappy with the service they expected from the kiosk and tend not to use it again.
  6. The Telpar printers offer a patented Document Presenter. The presenter is a device that fits to the front of the printer and allows it to print and cut the entire document before delivering it. This prevents consumer contact with the printed page during the printing process and eliminates the number one cause of paper jams in kiosk applications.
  7. Thermal printing technology does not require additional consumables such as toner or ink ribbon that add cost and more importantly additional service or maintenance calls to the kiosk.
  8. Telpar also offers complete technical support for your application.

In summary, Thermal technology in kiosk, ATM, and other unattended applications provides a lower cost of ownership and improved consumer satisfaction by offering a simpler more reliable design with lower consumable and service cost. Telpar products are backed by a one-year warranty and an experienced technical support team.


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