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Siemens Nixdorf completes roll-out of new retail point of service
infrastructure at Bhs

 2,700 PC-based systems delivered to 158 UK stores in just six months

Siemens Nixdorf Retail and Banking Systems has successfully completed the
delivery of a nationwide retail infrastructure at Bhs plc, one of the UK's
leading high street fashion retailers. The powerful point of service
workstations have been implemented at 158 Bhs stores in the UK and are based
on Siemens Nixdorf's SNIkey touchscreen systems, Siemens PCs, standard PC
monitors and scanners. This provides an open systems retail platform through
the Unlimited Solutions' COALITION Point of Sale package and will enable Bhs
to enhance customer-facing services at the Point of Sale, and deliver
industry-leading levels of in-store functionality and throughput.

The new infrastructure was rolled-out in just six months and will allow Bhs
to introduce a new range of innovative customer promotional services and in
the future, provide a platform for other service features to optimise the
performance of its PoS scanning and bar-coding systems, and transfer sales
data to the enterprise systems automated re-ordering. The systems were
developed and implemented by Siemens Nixdorf and its retail partners -
Unlimited Solutions who supplied COALITION, the leading Windows NT-based
store automation solution, and Retail Logic who provided payment
authorisation expertise and software.

"Bhs opened six new stores and two new Homestores in the UK last year and we
are looking to continue growing the business into the next millennium by
developing and implementing a strong retail technology infrastructure,"
commented Stewart Kendall, Business Systems Manager, Bhs plc. "Siemens
Nixdorf's point of service solution underpins our long-term retail strategy
and will provide us with even greater focus on all areas of customer service." 

About Bhs
Bhs plc is one of two major retail businesses operating within the
Storehouse Group, the other being Mothercare. Bhs plc is one of the UK's
leading high street fashion retailers which also sells lighting, homewares
and essentials. Bhs operates 158 stores in the UK with another 72 franchised
outlets worldwide. The company employs around 14,000 full and part-time staff.

About Siemens Nixdorf
Siemens Nixdorf Retail and Banking Systems is a European market leader in
the provision of Information and Communication products and services to
major retailers and banks - with 50,000 Point of Sale terminals installed
throughout the UK and 80,000 ATMs and self-service terminals throughout
Europe. Siemens Nixdorf offers total retail solutions based on open systems
and industry-specific hardware, customised software applications and
powerful networking capabilities, as well as a comprehensive range of
self-service technology-based solutions. 

Siemens Nixdorf Retail and Banking Systems is a key business within Siemens
Information and Communication Products, part of the major DM50 billion
turnover Siemens Information and Communications business which is made up of
three Groups: Information and Communication Products, Information and
Communication Networks and Siemens Business Services. This new business was
formed on October 1, 1998 in response to the growing requirement for
converged IT and communications products and services. 

For more information
Please contact: Andy Cummins
                Siemens Nixdorf Retail and Banking Systems Limited
                Tel:  01344 850321
                [email protected]

                Stewart Kendall
                Bhs plc
                Tel: 0171 339 2382
                [email protected]

                Simon Gribbon
                Tel: 01780 721433
                [email protected]

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