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iCom Network, Inc. Announces

One Millionth Public Internet User Served

SAN DIEGO, September 14 - iCom Network, Inc. today announced that the company's public Internet kiosk network has served over one million customers, while surpassing 12 million paid user minutes.

Eric Wagner, iCom's CEO, said, "It's extremely rewarding to witness the increasing success of our system. We knew we were on to something big over two years ago when we launched our first public Internet access station in a Pacific Beach (California) café. It was immediately popular."

Since March 1997, iCom's goal has been to build its kiosk network, now numbering hundreds of units, stretching from Hawaii to New York.

The company's mission is to bring Internet applications to within reach of anyone, anywhere. iCom also offers a range of advanced kiosk applications in addition to public Internet, including e-commerce, informational, advertising, wireless, and retail kiosk offerings.

"This is a technology whose time has come," says iCom Executive Vice President, Michael Marashlian. "As more and more people from all walks of life become reliant on the Internet for e-mail and information, they increasingly want access while away from their homes and offices. We envision that Internet kiosks will soon be as readily accessible as pay phones."

"Our kiosks also empower those who do not already have Internet access," Marashlian continues, "Even if you've never been online before, you can be surfing the Web in seconds at one of our kiosks. If you can use an ATM, you can get online."

iCom started out over 12 years ago as a public payphone company. This, according to Wagner, paved the way for development of the first successful public Internet platform.

"I believed years ago that the payphone would eventually evolve to combine telephony services with Internet-based applications, so I created a wish list for a public Internet communication device," said Wagner. "At the top of my list was high reliability and extreme simplicity so that anyone could use it."

iCom Internet kiosks are located in hotels, airports, cafes, tourist centers, travel stations, truck stops, malls, and restaurants. The kiosks allow access to e-mail, the World Wide Web, online services, games, advertising, entertainment and e-commerce applications.

San Diego-based iCom Network, Inc. provides installation and ongoing maintenance of its Internet kiosks at no cost to qualified properties. The company's current customers include Marriott International, British Airways, Sheraton Hotels, The Walt Disney Company, and Renaissance Resorts.

For more information on iCom Network, please call 858-450-0759, or visit the company's web site at www.icomnetwork.com.


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