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Recognized as the first company to market 'friendliness,' company delivers Internet-based public access communication solutions to customers at the place and time decision to purchase is made.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - September 20, 2000 - friendlyway, Inc., a leading innovator of intelligent point-of-sale / point of information Internet solutions that promote and enable friendly communication with customers at retail and public-access locations, today announced the launch of its North American operations and opening of its headquarters in San Francisco's Levi's Plaza.

friendlyway, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Munich-based friendlyway AG, a rapidly growing pre-IPO start-up company founded in 1998 with the vision of expanding into a global company. The launch of its U.S.-based operations and future launch of its Asian operations in Singapore represent major steps in executing this global strategy.

"With our expansion into North America, friendlyway is the first company to offer -- on a global basis -- best-in-class solutions that enable a friendlier, more effective approach to customer communication in the public access arena," said Alexander v. Welczeck, President of friendlyway, Inc. "To be strategically located in what many call 'the Internet capital of the world' will keep friendlyway on the front lines of a virtual revolution in Internet-based public access communication systems."

Backed by a full development staff of software and hardware engineers, and more than 32 patents applied for and received in the past 12 months, friendlyway has developed a range of solutions to support the convergence of traditional brick and mortar retail operations with Internet and e-commerce platforms.

The company also provides supporting services including hardware, software, content development, database integration and software required to monitor and support system maintenance. The value to retailers and advertisers is an attractive and approachable, completely Internet-capable public-access terminal that can provide customers with the information they need at the time and place of their buying decisions.

"By leveraging the power of the Internet, the availability of sophisticated database software engines, state-of-the-art wireless technologies, and Internet-capable PCs and Point-of-Sale devices, friendlyway has created an extremely high quality interactive touch-screen system that provides Internet and e-commerce capabilities anywhere a customer desires - with a quality, speed and cost never before possible," explained Mr. Welczeck.

Today, Internet kiosks, and wireless and database technology provide retailers and advertisers with new platforms to channel their operations and implement more innovative marketing strategies. With e-commerce revenues in the U.S. estimated at $25 billion in 1999, and expected to grow to $75 billion by 2003, friendlyway is ideally positioned to capture its share of this market by leveraging core strengths where the company has a competitive advantage -- technology integration, international marketing, and international sales - and outsourcing non-core activities to specialty technology teams.

To maximize its share of the U.S. and global markets, friendlyway plans to focus on five key strengths which provide the company with a distinct competitive edge: Staying focused on customer needs; being the technology gatekeeper for client's e-commerce and public access marketing needs; building a friendly corporate culture that permeates the business; seeking investors and partners who "pull" the company into new markets and opportunities, and delivering products and services that surpass client expectations.

Although friendlyway AG is based in Munich, Germany, the company already sells half of its products and services outside of its German home market. Current friendlyway clients include: e-Sixt, Texaco (NYSE:TX), Nokia (NYSE:NOK), Bertelsmann and many other Global 1000 corporations.

friendlyway, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Munich-based friendlyway AG, is a leading innovator of intelligent Internet-based public access communication solutions dedicated to promoting and enabling friendly customer communication that increases the value of retail transactions at the point of the buying decision, and enhances the experience for consumers and users of information.


For more information please contact:

Alexander v. Welczeck, President

friendlyway, Inc.

1255 Battery Street, Suite 200

Levi's Plaza

San Francisco, CA 94111

Toll-free in U.S. (866) 546-7548

Tel: (415) 288-3333

Fax: 415-288-3334

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.friendlyway.com

Bernhard Gutmann

friendlyway AG

Munchnerstrasse 12-16

85774 Unterföhring

Tel: ++ (49) 89-95-97-91-56

Fax: ++ (49) 89-95-97-91-40

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.friendlyway.com

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