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KioskCom Happenings Vol. 3 (Sept. 24, 1999)

Greetings! and welcome to the latest installment of KioskCom Happenings, the official online newsletter of the KioskCom Canada and KioskCom 2000 Conferences! As you may already know, registration for KioskCom Canada is now available on our website at www.kioskcom.com or by calling toll-free 800-882-8684.

We have started developing our annual event, KioskCom 2000, and are on the look out for innovative and inspiring kiosk applications to include as case study presentations. We are not looking for your ordinary kiosk installation, but something that inspires and could help others in their implementation. If you have a story to tell, or are interested in marketing your products or services at a KioskCom event, please e-mail us at [email protected]

This update highlights KioskCom Canada's opening case study - "Air Canada - Using Kiosks to Offer Outstanding Service", to be delivered by Ron LeRadza, Air Canada's General Manager of Product Distribution.

In this session we will examine Air Canada's successful kiosk program. The company has installations in major airports and has helped change the way Canadians buy airline tickets. Air Canada is rapidly becoming a leader in Canada in the area of electronic commerce. This is part of a new evolving product distribution model in the airline business. This informative session will review both internal and external dynamics, customer segmentation, product development and an examination of Air Canada's state of the art Kiosk program that offers clients outstanding services. We will also discuss the importance of: Electronic ticketing Internet electronic commerce Direct access products Speech recognition Smart cards Biometrics

KioskCom Canada will also highlight several other kiosk installations, including ServiceOntario's kiosk, Canada Payphone's Interactive Public Internet Terminals, and HRDC's interactive kiosks.

Additionally, following the general sessions of KioskCom Canada you will benefit from your choice of two 3-hour interactive workshops covering "Internet Kiosk Design Secrets" and/or "Strategies for Successful Touchscreen Kiosk Implementation".

The final conference brochure is now available. If you would like to receive one by PRIORITY mail, please forward your name, address, and company information to [email protected] Act now! You will become eligible for future KioskCom discounts and other exclusive offerings! If you decide to register online please use priority code C*KH2.

In the meantime, you can always visit KioskCom online at the official conference website www.kioskcom.com.

If you have missed any of our past postings, you can view them in our archives by logging in at www.listbot.com and selecting "View Archives."

Look out for the next installment of KioskCom Happenings around October 4, 1999!

- The KioskCom Happenings Team

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