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Subject: Elo TouchSystems: Quarterly Update
   Date: Sat, 2 Oct 1999 04:03:44 -0400 (EDT)
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As you know, Carroll Touch recently joined forces with Elo 
TouchSystems. To keep you as up to date as possible, we will begin 
to include information about Elo TouchSystems in our emails. 

Below is the latest issue of "The Touch Monitor," a quarterly 
electronic newsletter from Elo TouchSystems. 


The Touch Monitor
Quarterly Update on Elo TouchSystems 
September 1999

Welcome to The Touch Monitor, an electronic newsletter created to 
keep you informed of the latest product announcements, technology 
briefs, channel updates, and application notes from Elo 
TouchSystems. Please contact us with your comments and ideas for 
future articles at 800-356-8682. 


NEW: iMac with Elo's new iTouch "touch-on-tube" surface wave 

In August, Elo introduced its new, iTouch "touch-on-tube" surface 
wave technology on iMac, Apple's market-leading consumer Macintosh, 
marking a major breakthrough for kiosk solutions. iTouch 
technology transforms the CRT itself into a touch sensor, allowing 
100 percent light transmission that results in the highest quality 
image possible. Durability is improved greatly because the CRT 
faceplate is several times stronger than even a bonded touchscreen 
overlay. Elo is the only touch provider in the industry to offer a 
touch solution that preserves the functionality, image quality and 
outward appearance of the iMac. Elo also offers regular 
touchmonitors that can be used with Apple G3/G4 systems. Call Elo 
for more information.


NEW: Elo adds USB plug-and-play to LCD Kiosk and panel mount 

In an effort to expand customer choice, all new shipments of Elo's 
12- and 15-inch LCD kiosk and panel mount touchmonitors will 
feature both a serial and USB touch interface on the same monitor. 
The popular plug-and-play USB connection allows users to simply add 
or remove peripherals such as printers without rebooting the 


Elo integrates Carroll Touch and becomes part of Tyco Electronics 

Carroll Touch Systems is now an integrated part of Elo's worldwide 
organization. The Carroll Touch name will now become Elo's brand 
for the infrared product line. "Carroll Touch customers can be 
confident about our commitment to them," said Emily Liggett, 
president of Elo TouchSystems. "Our technology platforms are 
complementary and, together, we can offer customers worldwide a 
broader product line that is particularly well-suited to meet the 
rapidly-growing demand for flat-touch displays." Elo now operates 
within the newly formed Tyco Electronics Group. The new group was 
created in connection with the recently announced acquisition of 
Raychem Corporation by Tyco International Ltd., a diversified 
manufacturing and service company with operations in over 80 
countries around the world. "Tyco Electronics fully supports Elo's 
aggressive growth strategy as it further accelerates its 
pace-setting role in the rapidly-expanding touch market," said Ed 
Federman, executive vice president of Tyco.


Elo's customer commitment wins Frost & Sullivan Award

Elo won the most recent Market Engineering Sales Strategy Award 
from market-research firm, Frost & Sullivan. According to Frost & 
Sullivan, the award for "demonstrated excellence" in the kiosk 
market was given to Elo because "the company possesses a 
well-organized, well-trained sales force that maximizes its market 
share potential by profitably matching the sales strategy 
investment with customer potential." Elo has formed an alliance 
with kiosk providers through the Kiosk Partner Program and with 
software developers through the TouchReady Partner Program. Frost 
& Sullivan reported that the majority of companies who implement 
touch-based kiosk solutions in the United States chose Elo's
touch technology.


"World of Touch" free CD-ROM available now

A "World of Touch" free CD-ROM is available now and contains 
in-depth information on touch technology and applications, plus 
product information, software drivers, and the entire Carroll Touch 
technical library in PDF format. A simple interface, complete with 
original art and music, helps users navigate through the contents. 
For a free copy, e-mail [email protected] or call 
1-800-ELO-TOUCH (356-8682). Be sure to provide your name, telephone 
number, and complete mailing address, and let us know if you'd like 
a salesperson to contact you.


See Elo at upcoming trade shows

Date                       Location                        Booth# 
----                       --------                        ------
October 5-8                ISA, Philadelphia, PA           2230 
October 13-14              MD&M, Minneapolis, MN           315 
October 25-27              KioskCom, Toronto, Canada       TBD 
November 1-3               FSTEC '99, Dallas, TX           635 
November 15-19             Comdex, Las Vegas, NV           6449 
January 4-8, 2000          MacWorld, San Francisco, CA     2517 
January 18-20, 2000        MD&M, Anaheim, CA               919 
March 13-16, 2000          NIA, Chicago, IL                5021

Elo TouchSystems, Inc.
6500 Kaiser Drive
Fremont, CA 9455
800-ELO-TOUCH (356-8682)
Tel: 650-361-2505
Fax: 650-361-5579



Carroll Touch is the brand name of the infrared product line from 
Elo TouchSystems. Carroll Touch and Elo TouchSystems have been 
industry leaders in touch technology for 25 years, offering the 
latest innovations in touch technology, as well as a diversified 
line of integrated touch systems.


Visit our web sites at http://www.carrolltouch.com and 


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on innovative uses of our touch screens.

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