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October 6, 2000 949.453.3330


CeroView, a leading provider of turnkey kiosk solutions, today announced the completion of a kiosk network for NBC Enterprises. The kiosks will be displayed at the MIPCOMM 2000 Exhibit in Cannes, France. NBC will use the kiosks to promote various NBC programming it intends to sell or redistribute in the European entertainment market.

Under the agreement, CeroView created a series of interactive systems to promote NBC programming including, prime time hits "Providence" and Emmy award series "Will & Grace"; late night power house shows, "Saturday Night Live" and "Late Night with Jay Leno"; game show formats "Twenty-One" and "Concentration"; day time television "Passions"; and various mini-series and movies including "The 70's and yet to be released "High-Noon" starring Tom Skerit. NBC will use the kiosks to attract European programming executives to their exhibit. The kiosks will be placed at the edge of the 100-foot exhibit. Once at the kiosk, prospective customers will be able to select video segments and other material on each program. NBC's objective is to sell selected programming to the European market.

Each kiosk will include a series of Flash animation and a number of customized mpeg videos. Users will be able to view video segments, cast interviews, see behind the scenes footage, and promotional runs. "We see this as an opportunity for our staff to showcase its expertise and abilities and as a way to prove our demand responsive capabilities" states CeroView's President, Derek Fretheim.

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"We had three weeks to complete seven different kiosk applications." CeroView emulated the new NBC Enterprise branding themes and graphics into the kiosks and was charged with enhancing the key conference objectives for NBC.

CeroView (www.ceroview.com) is a high growth company specializing in creating and maintaining Internet-based and interactive business to business and business to consumer products and services. The firm has developed a number of kiosk applications, e-commerce ventures, media systems, point-of-purchase applications and related web-based processes. CeroView has over 50 standard kiosk designs in its enclosure portfolio.

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