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Contact: Amanda Stokes

Spyglass Signs Leybold Inficon for Industrial Control Handheld Device Work

Spyglass Inks Another Professional Services Agreement in the Device Space

Naperville, Ill., -- Wednesday, October 7, 1998 -- Spyglass Inc.
(NASDAQ: SPYG) announced today it signed a Professional Services
agreement with Leybold Inficon Inc. for work in the industrial controls
market.  Leybold Inficon will work with Spyglass to develop a suite of
personal digital assistant-based application programs that relate to the
handheld device marketplace.

"Our Professional Services group continues to pay high dividends for us
in device-oriented markets," said Wayne Yurtin, director of business
development at Spyglass.  "Building on Leybold Inficon's industry
leading technology and instrumentation hardware for industrial
applications, Spyglass will be able to leverage our software device
expertise to provide Leybold Inficon's customers with a premier
value-add solution."

"When we needed to add some device-specific software capabilities to our
industrial control related device products, Spyglass was the ideal
choice," said Scott Ruck, manager of integration systems at Leybold
Inficon.  "We needed a highly customizable solution and a company with
both the resources and a track record of supporting their software.  By
working with Spyglass, we can focus on producing the highest quality
industrial products, and they can support us by doing what they do best
-- producing customized solutions for the handheld device space."

About Leybold Inficon
Leybold Inficon enjoys worldwide recognition as an innovator in the
design and manufacture of instrumentation for analysis, monitoring and
control. The company offers a broad range of specialized instruments
such as in-situ gas analyzers and sensors for semiconductor, thin films
and other manufacturing processes; helium and halogen leak detectors for
vacuum and AC/refrigeration applications; vacuum gauges for total
pressure measurement; and field-portable gas chromatograph/mass
spectrometers for environmental testing.

About Spyglass
Spyglass (NASDAQ: SPYG) provides Internet expertise, software and
services for making devices work with the Web.  Particularly active in
the Windows CE, cable and satellite television, wireless
telecommunications, consumer electronics and office equipment markets,
Spyglass solutions are used by market-leading companies including GTE,
NEC, Nokia, Sun Microsystems Java Software Division, Thomson Consumer
Electronics (RCA) and Xerox.  Spyglass headquarters are located at 1240
East Diehl Rd., Naperville, Ill., 60563; phone: 630.245.6512; fax:
630.245.6693; press email inquiries: [email protected]; Web site:


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