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For Release 9:00 a.m. CDT, Oct. 8, 1998
Amanda Stokes
[email protected]

Spyglass Enhances Device Mosaic Web Browser Technology for Microsoft Windows CE, Handheld PC Pro Edition Software

Company Expands Windows CE offering of Mobile and Embedded Browser Technology

Naperville, Ill. - Thursday, October 8, 1998 - Spyglass* Inc. (NASDAQ: SPYG), announced today that it is extending their offering of the industry leading Spyglass Device Mosaic Web browser technology for use with the recently released Windows CE operating system, Handheld PC Professional Edition, the third-generation software from Microsoft Corp. for Handheld PC (H/PC) devices. The latest version of the Spyglass browser for Windows CE is designed to meet the requirements of OEM's designing Windows CE-based devices running Microsoft Windows CE, H/PC Pro Edition software.

"There is demand today for browser technology that is easily customizable on Windows CE, and Spyglass is uniquely positioned to be the supplier," said Spyglass Vice President and General Manager Randy Littleson.

"There is a vibrant development community focused on Windows CE and we are glad to see Spyglass joining that effort with its support of the latest version of Windows CE, Handheld PC Pro Edition," said Jonathan Roberts, general manager, Consumer Appliance Group, Microsoft. "Products such as the Spyglass Device Mosaic Web browser will help continue to establish Windows CE as a leading operating system for mobile computing - enabling new and creative products for a variety of mobile professionals."

Spyglass Device Mosaic for Windows CE is a full-featured Web browser that maintains a code size of well under one megabyte. Out of the box, it is fully HTML 3.2 compliant with support for JScript, SSL, frames, tables, and JPEG and animated GIF images. In addition, it can be extended to include support for technologies such as XML and Java. The browser technology has been specifically designed to enable fast, straightforward user interface customizations. The ability to create a specialized look and feel that can be adapted to particular customer needs has been a key feature in attracting potential customers. These customizations can also include using the core browser technology to implement other Windows CE-based applications, such as email or a television electronic programming guide.

"Spyglass Device Mosaic's architecture makes it possible to use it as a standalone browser or as the foundation of multiple applications," Littleson continued. "There has been a significant amount of interest in Spyglass providing those customizations for Windows CE, whether it be simple user interface modifications or more complex application development."

With this product release, Spyglass adds to their growing number of success stories for Windows CE-based devices. Most recently, Philips Electronics licensed Spyglass Mobile Forms Database software technology running on Windows CE 2.0 for the Velo 500 Handheld PC. Spyglass Mobile Forms Database is a mobile database and forms data collection application for Windows CE-based Handheld PCs (H/PCs). Spyglass Professional Services specializes in custom application development for Windows CE and engagements have expanded Spyglass business in Handheld PCs, telephones, set-top boxes and other non-PC devices. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced the addition of Spyglass to the Microsoft Windows CE Systems Integrator program.

About Spyglass
Spyglass (NASDAQ: SPYG) provides Internet expertise, software and services for making devices work with the Web. Particularly active in the cable and satellite television, wireless telecommunications, consumer electronics and office equipment markets, Spyglass solutions are used by market-leading companies including GTE, Sun Microsystems Java Software Division, NEC, Nokia, Thomson Consumer Electronics (RCA) and Xerox. Spyglass headquarters are located at 1240 East Diehl Rd., Naperville, Ill., 60563; phone: 630.245.6512; fax: 630.245.6693; press email inquiries: [email protected]; Web site: http://www.spyglass.com.

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