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Trademart Technologies Announces Strategic Partnership with e-Smart Commerce

Kiosk provider to use Trademart's TaskCenter framework to create public access e-commerce kiosks for e-retail.

October 10, 2000

LONDON, ON - Trademart Technologies is excited to announce a new partnership with e-Smart Commerce, a company focused on providing Internet kiosk solutions that are designed to bring new business and profits to both retailers and e-retailers. The new partnership will see e-Smart Commerce creating public access kiosk applications using Trademart's secure TaskCenter framework and interface design tools. TaskCenter enables companies such as e-Smart to create simple to use, customized and secure interfaces for public access Internet applications without the need to re-engineer existing website or e-commerce investments.

"We're very excited about the chance to work with e-Smart Commerce," said Bob Maloley, Trademart's President and CEO, "e-Smart is leveraging their vast experience in the area of transaction processing services as well as their channel network to create new and innovative business models for the Internet kiosk marketplace".

Mischa Weisz, Chairman & CEO of e-Smart Commerce, noted that "the opportunity to allow e-retailers to leverage their Internet investments is substantial, and enhanced through the participation of Trademart. We'll be able to quickly provide a physical kiosk presence to access new customers for any e-retailer or group of e-retailers."

The e-Smart Internet kiosks will host communities of complimentary e-retail offerings, providing consumers the selection they want in a convenient and simple to use package. E-retailers will gain significant brand and product exposure by deploying their content to high traffic locations, where customers are ready to do business.

TaskCenter is based on the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system. It leverages Windows 2000 security, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS).

About e-Smart Commerce, Inc.

e-Smart CommerceTM was launched in December 1999 by e-Smart Commerce, Inc. Their network e-SmartTM Commerce kiosk solutions are designed to add new business and profits to almost any e-retailer.

e-Smart's turnkey solutions provide everything an e-tailer or retailer needs to expand the reach of Internet business or bring e-commerce into a bricks and mortar business. Needs analysis, program design, kiosk enclosures, and processing financial transactions are all included with every e-Smart Commerce program.

For details, visit e-Smart Commerce on the Internet at www.e-smartcommerce.net. or contact Paula Kelly at [email protected]

About Trademart Technologies

Trademart is a company with roots established over 15 years in the retail software development business. Trademart is a world leader in component-based development. The company has recently launched a leading edge software platform that is aimed squarely at improving user productivity and leverages the explosive growth in activity surrounding the convergence of Internet, Windows and Legacy applications on the corporate desktop as well as at various customer-facing venues such as kiosks. TaskCenter is Trademart's flagship product that incorporates an extensive list of features that help customers deliver their e-commerce investments to the Public Access/Self Service marketplace.

For more information, visit Trademart Technologies on the Internet at www.trademartgroup.com or contact Debbie Lankin at [email protected]

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