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Kudos Enterprise Release

October 6, 2000

Degasoft's engineers have been spending countless hours in front of their computers creating Kudos 5.0 kiosk software that truly is a masterpiece, with all its robust and innovative features.

Today, Degasoft has released the full Enterprise version of Kudos 5.0.

The Kudos Enterprise combines 8 years of Degasoft's experience in the kiosk software field into the most advanced Kiosk software platform available.

The first part of the solution, Kudos Base 5.0, was released one month ago and has currently been installed on over 500 kiosks.

In this newest version, all modules of the previous versions have been rearchitectured based of our customers feedback and experience from all projects in which we have been involved.

This release is not the first generation of the product so it is built on tested concepts that have been simplified for the user. Kudos has great features for everyone involved. Programmers and system administrators will be delighted from using the system, however, users with little experience can also use Kudos because of its excellent architecture.

Kudos has already gained worldwide recognition as the leading kiosk software management system. In June Kudos received Best of Show Award in Berlin, in July the product received Best of Show Award this time in Chicago, and in September issue of Kiosk Magazine, Kudos received the Kiosk Software Design Excellence Award.



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